Fallen Angels - Extinction review

Band: Fallen Angels
Album: Extinction
Release date: June 2004

01. Zion Must Fall
02. Misanthropic Coil
03. Lament Of Innocence
04. Prelude To Extinction

3rd Round for Richard Sjunnesson and his Fallen Angels, and 2nd round for them here in Metal Storm, and maybe many of you aren't so unfamiliar with the band, and not because of my previous review on their last year Demo "Black Lotus", but because one of the members (I really don't know who exactly) has posted in our forums, so we can consider this a band that have Metalstormers in their ranks! That's awesome!

Anyway, I must say that at first look, some details have been polished this time, like the cover art, just gorgeous! I wasn't so crazy for the artwork in "Black Lotus" but with "Extinction" they present us a exquisite piece of work, is a shame that they choose those ugly slim Cd cases to pack this, but is a matter of how money you invest I think, and not everyone is millionaire like me… in ten years.

Musically, we have four songs, keeping the same line than before, Melodic Death Metal using as main influence Dark Tranquillity, but keeping away from the "clone" label that many acts have written on themselves.

A good thing is that keyboard use has improved a lot, take for instance, track number three, "Lament Of Innocence" the keyboard line that goes all the song, at first seems like an electro loop or something that you could make with Fruityloops (program to make music), but later the at first weird keyboard becomes an essential part of the song, and becomes really catchy, trust me, more of this keyboard experimentation can be found on last song "Prelude To Extinction", another great song, do I have to say that each song in the Demo is excellent?

My only complaint is the vocals, I wish they were more clear, I mean, they're not guttural at all, they're pretty harsh but sometimes sound like whining or something, sorry, can't put my finger on it, they just don't sound too cohesive at times.

This is the obvious continuation of "Black Lotus" and the perfect conclusion for the "Demo era" of the band, next time I a receive a release of Fallen Angels, I'm sure it's going to be a full length with the proper record contract behind it, oh, and a thank you note on the booklet to Undercraft and Metal Storm for the support, hurray for us!

Written by Undercraft | 12.08.2004


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