Ice Cake - Paradox review

Band: Ice Cake
Album: Paradox
Release date: September 2003

01. Paradox
02. Still Alive
03. Precious Gift
04. Destiny
05. Lie
06. Signs Part I
07. Signs Part II
08. Black Mind
09. You Have To Pay
10. The Day The World Ended

This is a strange band, damn sure it is… let's begin from the name, Ice Cake…ICE CAKE?? Who the fuck names his band Ice Cake? This has to be the less Metal sounding name of the history, and next to this, band names like "Satan's Almighty Penis" and "Satan's Penguins" sound really good!

The French band hails from the Ardennes and plays a mixture of Progressive Metal and Hard Rock, the result? A boring record, totally uninteresting and disposable.
The band musical approach is not too cohesive; the lack of catchy parts and better vocal delivery is some of the main mistakes of the album.

Let's get serious here, the band tries to mix hard elements like drums and guitar riffs with some other lighter ones, like the vocals (although once in a while you can hear a growl), sadly the final result is lacking any consistency as a whole.

I could go on and tell you why this album is boring, but one of the main reasons is that I didn't liked it, as a matter of fact I thought it was pretty bad, and the chances that the Cd is going to hit my Cd player anytime soon are very unlikely, so summing up, boring album, Progressive wannabe with some Hard Rock elements and a bad choice on a band name, try only if you never agree with me or my reviews.

Written by Undercraft | 24.08.2004


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