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Band: Blöod Düster
Album: Blood Duster
Release date: 2003

01. For Those About To Fuck
02. Idi
03. SixSixSixteen
04. Cock Junkie
05. Sellout
06. I Wanna Do It With A Donna
07. Fruity Relationships
08. Heroin Punk
09. Sk8er Grrrl
10. Bad Habbits
11. On The Stage
12. Vegan Feast
13. Drink! Fight! Fuck!
14. Tony Goes To Court
15. On The Hunt
16. Current Trends
17. Underground
18. Drug Fiend
19. Achin' For An A-Cup
20. Dahmer The Embalmer
21. She's A Junkie
22. Nu Corporate
23. Orneryhornery [Track bonus]
24. 66.6Onyourfmdial [Track bonus]
25. Tickettoride + Painfullnois Entitled "Htabbaskcalb" [Track bonus]
26. Lets Fuck [Track bonus]

I don't know why but the more I have a look at Australia, the more I think that there is a real biologic problem in this country... After kangaroos, koalas and some other duck-billed platypus [read Ornithorhynchus] a new specimen shows its head in the Aussie fauna since some years now, the Blöod Düster. I don't know if it's the opinion of the scientists but I have my personal thesis which says that it must certainly come from the big uranium deposit in the country or maybe in the case of Blöod Düster, the abuse of beer and some other illegal products. But if I must present this specimen maybe the best way for me could be to open the metal encyclopaedia to the page "B" and write this really serious and scientific definition:

"Blöod Düster": [blud dus'ter] n: Aussie, Metal band which do a mix of "fucking" rock "n" roll and grind core. Real known for its sexual damages to the feminine population and for its alcoholic high jinks the Blöod Düster come from Melbourne and it's been plaguing on our stereo for 13 years now.
Ex: "Hailing from Australia, land of the Midnight Sodomite, Blöod Düster has created another misshapen mass of maniacal melodies to poison the dreams of the undeserving, you putrid generation of bastards" [official bio of the band].

All this lines say it all, we are in presence with one of the less serious band on earth and believe me that is good to find guys like them in Metal. Now, you just have to sit down, and I will try to explain you all the habits of our specimen.

"Blöod Düster" is the new kid of the band and you just have to read the titles of each songs to understand that the Blöod Düster is not really serious. "For Those About to Fuck", "Drink! Fight! Fuck! [lets' go mother fuc%#§ !!!]" "CockJunkie" etc. This is one of the more hilarious album that I heard for a long time, and it's certainly due to the 2nd degree in all the lyrics.
Sex, drug and Rock "n" Roll yeah, that's the way of life of the Blöod Düster. Porno specialist, beer aficionados, and of course Metal and Hard Rock lover, you will find in all the tracks this "special" touch which do that "Blöod Düster" [the album] is one of the more original upcoming release of the year.
The album could be divided in 3 categories. The Grind songs, not the more interesting parts musically in my opinion but with very "interesting" lyrics . The "speaking" songs where for example Tony the singer through is official lawyer explain to the press that he is really sorry of all the damages done to the groupies of the band due to his… extremely large penis…["Tony Goes to Court"]. And of course the excellent Hard Rock songs with vocals… in Grind mode. Yeah you just have to imagine AC/DC with a Grind Core singer.... Very well done these songs however aren't very numerous in the cd and it's shame because a real "Rock "n" Rol" song like "I Wanna Do it With a Donna", "Drink Fight Fuck" or "SixSixSixteen" for example are just killers, and I can't stop listening to it, really they knew how to do something different something excellent and for that we must congratulate them.
Now, how is the language of our specimen? Well, he likes to talk about sex 90% of the time, but also of very interesting subjects like alcohol or drug. But however the Blöod Düster can be very aggressive and mocking with some other species like the American "Limp Biskitus" [Nu Coprate] or some "pop/rock starlets" no need to name them [Sk8er Grrrl].
But the Blöod Düster is however a specimen of the Grind family and like a lot of its cousins, it can be a bit lazy sometime and can only do at the end an offspring with 26 tracks [yeah !!!] but only 36 mins of music [damn !!!]. It's a bit disturbing because we just want to hear more of this , but at least the production is good and the cd don' t suffer of any real problems of malformation.

Well this little study about the Australian fauna just showed you, I hope, that you really need to try to capture one the cd of this band. The Grind or Hard Rock hunter that you are will certainly be very proud to show to his friends this hunting trophy. One tip from me, your specialist doctor in Metal, could be to try to the see the Blöod Düster in live, it deserve it.
Rock and Roll !!! and hail to the Blöod Düster !!!

Written by Jeff | 04.09.2004



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I agree these guys kick ass, great cd

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