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Band: Trauma
Album: Imperfect Like A God
Release date: December 2003

01. Blade Under Your Throat
02. The Hidden Seed
03. The Madness Here
04. Beyond The Perception
05. Imperfect Like A God
06. Make Me Blind
07. Spiritual Disorder
08. Perplexity Of Truths
09. Outrage To Fools

If you don't know again Trauma, you must know that this band is not a newcomer. At the opposite, they are one of the most experimented band from Poland. Created at the end of the 80's under the name of Ekbag, they become quickly one of the leader of the Death Meta scene of the country. The only changed their name to Trauma in 1992, and after three albums and a live, they are finally back through Adipocere Records with the excellent new album "Imperfect Like A God".

"Imperfect Like A God". is very brutal, and that's not a surprise, Trauma uses to play true Death Metal… But however when you'll listen to it the first time, you will have the great feeling to listen to a music done by some musicians which know to play good and technical music. Yeah this is a really heavy and hard music, pure Death Metal, but however the facility in the musical play of his dudes is really impressive. For all the ones, who like Death Metal, I could compare them musically and in the style to a band like Bloodbath for example, but one of differences come for example from the voice of Trauma's singer which can be more high sometime, and not only "classic" for the Death Metal, if I can say that.
The album is heavy yes, and the music is also very dark and for the lyrics [this is not new with a Death Metal Band…] we can feel a lot of aggressiveness only here to blast a lot of human "diseases". All the nine tracks of the cd are really well done and catchy. The great speedy tempo of the drums are really impressive and it's really more than high every time, with a lot of powerful heavy guitars riffs. With all that you could add a lot of technical guitars solos, in the pure tradition of Death Metal, very tortured and with this really specific touch in the sound that you will recognize at the first second of the first solo. No really this album is just a little bomb of Death Metal, and the good production and mixing of the album are here to show you that Trauma don't do stuffs half. I don't know why but I have the feeling that we will heard a lot about this band through this album.
My only regret come from the length of the album, nine tracks, 37:46 mins, well it's a bit short for me and it's a shame because I think that this album deserve one or two tracks in addition to be just really perfect. This is not a big problem however when I see the quality of all the compositions of the band on this cd.

If you don't know Trauma, I can just invite you to buy this album which deserve to be in all the cd collection of the Death Metal Heads that you are. Really the quality of this album is really impressive and I'm sure that "Imperfect Like A God" could become the real international start of the band. A must have for all the fans of this kind of music… "Imperfect Like A God" I say yes !!!

Written by Jeff | 18.09.2004



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20.09.2006 - 06:15
Account deleted
The grammar in this review makes it appear as if you were drunk when writing it, honestly, can't you go over the review before it is published, sorry if that seems harsh, but it's so damn transparent throughout the whole prose...
20.09.2006 - 07:50
I think that Trauma is the third best death metal band from Poland, behind Behemoth and Decapitated. I've heard most of this album and I think it's really good. This album is pretty heavy and the songs are put together very well.

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