Atrophia Red Sun - Twisted Logic review


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Band: Atrophia Red Sun
Album: Twisted Logic
Release date: July 2003

01. Code Word (Personal) Cold World
02. Abstract
03. Infected Tears
04. Inspiration
05. Nameless Rot
06. Sins Of Nations
07. Sugar Cube (Cyber Instrumental)
08. Twisted Logic
09. Structure Of Emptiness
10. Into (My) Xication
11. Acid Sideefect Lost In Darkness (Cyber Instrumental)

The 2nd MCD of Atrophia Red Sun was in the pure tradition of Doom Metal very near of Anathema, or even Paradise Lost. But with their real first new album "Twisted Logic", it's easy to see that the band took a turn at 90°. "Twisted Logic" is definitely not Doom metal but Melodic Death Metal really progressive, and after all why not, some changes in the musical orientation can give some really good stuffs some time. That's the case with this impressive album totally avant-gardist of this combo from Poland. Let's see all the details of their last production through this review.

This album is original. This is certainly one of the most original album of the year without any doubt, and I will try to describe to you the "strange" music of Atrophia Red Sun. On a side we have a classical melodic Death metal with a lot of excellent powerful guitars riff very catchy. This part of the music is not, you can understand it, the most original one. But on the other side, we have all the stuffs which do that "Twisted Logic" is really surprising. And the first thing is certainly all the electronics sounds made by the keyboards. I already see all the guys and girls who will stop to read this review after that, and well I think it could be a bad idea really. Don't worry, this is not Indus Death Metal, but well something just really progressive. If you like all the bands which sound avant-gardist Atrohpia Red Sun is in the style, no more. Very technical however, the structure of the music of the band is really complex. You could hear all these powerful thrashy riffs, but also a lot of important bass lines with slaps or no and the really particularly voice of the singer which can be really classic or totally silly a bit like the one of Jonathan Davis of Korn if you want an example [be careful!!! I don't say that it's Korn !!!]. There is also all these electro-sounds, and really that's interesting, sometime really electronic some other time more Oriental but always when its must be on the tracks, there is not a ton of its, this is definitely not "too much".

All the tracks are catchy really this album is a good surprise and all the originality come from this mix of classic Melod-Death metal [all the guitars solo are however very progressive] and the really "weird" and progressive sounds of the keyboards [you could even hear a very special keyboards solo version of the X-Files theme on the track "Twisted Logic"].
With a good production this album don't suffer of any problems excepted maybe the one to be not really easy of access for the ones who only like "classic" Metal, but really it deserve that you do the try I think.

With this "Twisted Logic", Atrohpia Red Sun does a beautiful start. This is more than original, very technical with a lot of work in the composition and this album will knows, I have no doubt on it, a lot of success . I recommend "Twisted Logic" and Atrophia Red Sun, this band from Poland deserves to be know due to their unique originality.

Written by Jeff | 18.09.2004


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