Fatal - Eskhaton review

Band: Fatal
Album: Eskhaton
Release date: 2003

01 Anakhendavia
02 Ze Massacra
03 Broken Bones
04 Ze Maggots'song
05 And Suddenly Ze Silence...Extreme And Demoniak
06 Onyx Application
07 Born, Suffer, And Burn
08 Force Of God
09 La Ley De Pachamama
10 Danse Avec Nemesis

Multi-cultural Death Metal?

This Cd is quite strange, and the strange thing about it is not the music, but the whole lyrical concept, it seems that Fatal took things from cultures around the world and decide to make songs about them, and I find that quite interesting to be honest.

They play Death Metal with a lot of Melodic overtones, cool Thrashy riffs and quite catchy arrangements, nothing jaw-dropping, but quite acceptable.
The album starts with "Anakhendavia" a word apparently taken from the Egyptian or Hindu culture or something like that, a really well made song with some great spoken parts that give the whole concept a plus. Sadly, the album doesn't contain lyrics to check out more thoroughly.

The album goes on, and sadly it becomes quite predictable, the cultural side of the album becomes less obvious and replaced by laughable song titles like "Born, Suffer, And Burn" and "Broken Bones", now I'm glad the album doesn't contain lyrics.

When I thought the album had nothing to offer me, comes "La Ley De Pachamama" a phrase I'm quite familiar with, translates to "the law of Pachamama", Pachamama being a Quechua word for "mother earth" and Quechua being an ancient Peruvian dialect. Where does this guys took this from? Beats me, but is really cool to see these kind of cultural reference in a Metal Cd. Also worth mentioning is that the song is completely sung in Spanish.

The album leaves me somewhat unsatisfied, while the cultural references are great, the other rest of the song are quite poor, musically speaking the album brings nothing new to the scene, apart from some good head shakes sometimes.
Maybe the band should try to take the cultural references even further and try to dig into some other cultures and write about the stuff, because I found it quite interesting. Until next time then.

Written by Undercraft | 11.08.2005


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