Odyssea - Tears In Floods review


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Band: Odyssea
Album: Tears In Floods
Release date: 2004

01. Intro
02. Fly
03. The King
04. Falling Star
05. Burning Time
06. Try Again
07. Angel Cries
08. Tears In Floods Pt. 1: El Ultimo Canto
09. Tears In Floods Pt. 2: Miserable Man
10. Apocalypse Pt. 1
11. Creatures
12. Fly [Remix version] [Japanese bonus]
13. Try Again [Instrumental version] [Japanese bonus]
14. Falling Star [Remix version] [Japanese bonus]

Now people, we shall take an album that you'll like or hate, there is no in between here, because this is Italian Power/Progressive Metal. Do you hate this kind of music, stop read now, because you'll not find anything here.
There, now I guess its only people that like this left, good.

As you all know, Olaf Thörsen has left Labyrinth (if you didn't know, you know now) and he was replaced by a guy named Pier Gonella (now you might wonder what this have to do with this review, right? Well, go on reading and you'll find out) who's also the leader of this new band, Odyssea, that with this album, "Tears in Floods" releases their first album.

The music is not far away from what Labyrinth and other Italian acts playing, Power/Progressive Metal with accent-vocals, quite boring for many of you, so if you didn't stop in the beginning, I recommend you to do it now, if you don't like this kind of music, but if you like it, please read on.

As mention, traditionally Italian Power/Progressive Metal (even if the band don't want the music to be called that), and another thing that's very used today, guest musicians, and on "Tears in Floods" there are two guests, two singers, one of the is Rob Tiranti from Labyrinth (Surprising, huh?) and the other is Wild Steel from Shadows of Steel (A band that I never heard, actually), but I can't point out which song Wild is singing, but Rob's song, "Fly" is a good one, it's without doubts the best song in this album.

But, there's one thing that's not so usual with this album, a thing that will surprise some listeners, it's the ninth song I'm talking about, the title-track part. II, where the band mixes Power/progressive Metal with Disco/Dance music, yes, it's true, it's Disco/Dance or Techno or whatever (I can't so much about it), and that's something I really woke me up during my first listening.
It's not ruin the song; actually, because it's in a level that it's bearable, and it's quite fitting the music as well. No, I'm not a fan of those kinds of "music"; I just say that it's quite cool and so to dear put it in a Power/Progressive Metal album.
The song in completeness is one of the best; the singer Carlo Faraci is doing a great job here, his best on the album.

Overall the album good, it's a fine present for fans of Italian bands like Labyrinth and Vision Divine, and I think this album can sell pretty well, but it won't revolt the whole Metal society, but it has a chance to reach out to quite many, and I think if this band work hard, it has potential to strike quite big in the Power world, outside of that, it will have a very, very rough time.

Check Out: "Fly", "Tears in Floods Pt. II" and "Creatures".

Written by Malcolm | 26.09.2004


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