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Orden Ogan - Testimonium A.D. review


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Band: Orden Ogan
Album: Testimonium A.D.
Release date: 2004

01. Testimonium A.D.
02. Ethereal Ocean
03. Angels War
04. Moods
05. Y, U, Id Ant My
06. Golden
07. The Step Away

Another of those well crafted promo packs came to my door, this time a Self-Released album from a German band called, Orden Ogan (don't ask me what the hell means).
Well crafted and nicely presented, when I saw the album I was satisfied with the cover art and general layout, booklet etc, even if the lyrics are printed in that annoying font, making them impossible to read.

Musically, after a couple of spins I wasn't that impressed, like I said before, is very difficult to impress me, I've heard it all, and even if the sound of Orden Ogan wasn't really copying anyone, it wasn't that innovative either.

For those that are dying of curiosity here, Orgen Ogan are playing Folk Metal with medieval references and some Progressive Metal here and there, elements used here are flute, violins and a choir.

After a few more spins I stepped with track N.3 "Angels War" and I was blown away by the melodies and the fantastic chorus that makes me want to sing over and over again. I listened this song every day, singed it while in the shower, in work, while walking and so, a fantastic piece this song I must say.

Sadly, the "one song album" syndrome came over me after "Angels War", meaning, the rest of songs weren't as half as good as that one, as a matter of fact I would put the Cd and just listen to that song, yep, is an addictive one. Of course I'm not putting down to rest the remains of the album, it has good songs, but I can honestly say that no one is as good as "Angels War".

I fell in love with one song in that album, is that a crime? I don't think so; I just have a twisted mind that's all. Orden Ogan creators of Folk masterpiece "Angels War" and some other songs in a well crafted album. Want to pick it up? Sure, it has my approval, go for it dude.

Written by Undercraft | 11.10.2004


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