Deathchain - Deathrash Assault review


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Band: Deathchain
Album: Deathrash Assault
Release date: 2005

01. Return Of The Nemesis
02. Venom Preacher
03. Lepra Lord
04. Graveyard Witchery
05. Deathrash Legions
06. Napalm Satan
07. Panzer Holocaust
08. Morbid Mayhem
09. Valley Of The Corpses

Deathchain comes from Finland and plays an aggressive mix of Death and Thrash Metal. Ho, evidently don't expect something in the vein of the "Bay Area" scene, our guys are Finnish and like all the bands from this country, they have this really particular musical signature but well it doesn't mean that it is bad, it's just a matter of taste and in my opinion, some people will like this release and some others will probably be bored…

I won't say that "Deathrash Assault" is an "extreme" Children of Bodom or Kalmah but actually we're not so far of these bands. This album is fast, aggressive and yes there are some marks of Thrash (especially the German one) on the guitars riffs but evidently, there is also the violence of Death Metal. The vocals for example are pure Death ones, the heaviness of the rhythm is the typical one of the Death too. Deathchain, with this album, knew how to do a good mix between the two styles but at the end is it really revolutionary and interesting? I don't think so…

Oki oki it's well produced, it's hard to find a lot of imperfections on this album, the songs aren't bad in general but it's not outstanding too. I mean that I have the feeling that I already heard a lot of others bands that play the same kind of music. At the end it's a bit uncoloured for my ears, it's not bad but not really original and excepted if you're a fan of the band or a fan of the style, I don't think that you'll find a lot of interest in this album. For example I cannot say that I found a bad song on this album, but it will be impossible for me to give you the name of a potential hit too… To sum up, it's not something really essential.

All in all, "Deathrash Assault" is not a bad album but it suffers of a real lack of originality and you know like me that this kind of "detail" is always problematic. It doesn't kill the band or its ability to produce a good music but if a lot of people will listen to this album and say to themselves that it is not so bad, I'm sure that they will unfortunately forget it some days later. I hope that Deathchain will be able to show in the future that they're able to do a music with a bit more of character… I know that they can do it…

Written by Jeff | 28.03.2006



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07.12.2007 - 18:39
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Good review.
I must kind of agree, although after I've listened it three, four times? I began to really like it. The whole of the album suffers a great lack of variation. All songs sound pretty much the same.

The best tracks are "Napalm Satan" and "Panzer Holocaust", and the last of these is damn good by any metal standards.

When you see them live, especially now ,when they have gone Death due to Khaos, You'll see that they atleast are a one kick ass band on the stage.
07.12.2007 - 18:46
I like their first album the best out of all their releases. Actually, Deadmeat Disciples is probably my favorite Death/Thrash record. Too bad that edge didn't rub off as much on this album. Still worth hearing though.

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