Scavenger - Madness To Our Method review


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Band: Scavenger
Album: Madness To Our Method
Release date: 2004

01. On The Outside
02. Storm Warning
03. Ethereal Journey
04. Prisoner Of Time
05. [untitled]
06. Unstoppable Motion
07. Daydreams In Dystopia

A new band from Ireland, if it's more than common for Pop, that's not same for Metal. Of course there is a Metal scene in Ireland with great combos like Mourning Beloveth or Cruachan, but unfortunately famous bands from this country aren't legions. And however I don't know why but I'm sure when I see the musical culture of this country that some treasures are just sleeping in the underground Metal scene of this island…. Sentinel Records [the label of Adrian of Mourning Beloveth] help them to win some more recognition, and it's not a surprise if today I do the review of the little jewel of Thrash / Heavy Metal, "Madness To Our Method" the first album of the Irish combo Scavenger.

Honestly I took a big kick in the ass at the first listening of this new release. Why? Well, just because this band understood how to do a great album. Seriously it's hard to find a first release of this quality. All the songs of this album are killers, all the songs are catchy and the music of the band, a mix of Thrash and Heavy is really well done. In fact I think that we can mix two different styles of Metal if and only if, it's well done. This is the case in this "Madness To Our Method… You could find the aggressive guitars riffs and frenetic tempo of Thrash Metal, and the great melodies and the beautiful [but however Thrashy in some aspects] voice of Peter Dunne for the Heavy Metal. And this is certainly the voice of Peter in addition of the very catchy melodies which remind me the most that they also play for some parts Heavy and not only Thrash.
If with all that, I add that all the musicians are very good and that you can't find any problems for the drums, that the bass is more than present with a very technical playing, and that the guitarist is able to do great solos, what do you want more really? I don't know but for a first album I definitely can't ask something in addition, that' just perfect musically.
But everything can't be perfect and my only regret in fact come from the production of this album which is not good. That's a shame because the sound is not professional and the songs of this album and the band don't deserve it. When I imagine "Madness To Our Method" with a perfect big good song that the Germans studios are able to give for example, I can only think that we could have a real masterpiece. Don't worry anyways, because it's not very bad too, but average and well really I would like a sound a bit better…

However this problem of production is the only one that I can find on this album, and you can understand that "Madness To Our Method" is a must have. Between Megadeth, or old Metallica and Heavy Metal bands like Maiden, Scavenger propose an original melodic music which deserve to be know. If you need something fresh no doubt that you could go to your record seller to buy this excellent release. For a first album, "Madness To Our Method" will be in my tip top list of the year without any doubts. If you like such music… "Buy it or dieeeee !!!!"

Written by Jeff | 17.10.2004


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