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Ywolf - Dream Warrior review


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Band: Ywolf
Album: Dream Warrior
Release date: October 2004

01. Whispering Immortality
02. Silver Symbol Of Thunderstorm
03. Other World
04. Dream Warrior
05. Fire From The Deep
06. Well Of The Diamond Sun
07. Cannibal Celebration
08. Prehistorical Religion
09. Witching Hour
10. Key Of Dimensions
11. Chamber Of Blood Ritual
12. Sacrificial Dance
13. Well Of The Diamond Sun (Industrial Mix by Infra Black)

The clan is back… Ywolf the one man project of the Hungarian Gabriel Wolf, is back with the following of the stories of the Ywolf clan "Dreams Warrior". Maybe some of you remember it but I did the review of his last album last year, "Night Of The Werewolf". It was very surprising for me to listen to this kind of music, something that you can only listen to in horror movies and vampire movies, something original and also interesting. "Dream Warrior" follow this rule, you will always find this excellent ambiance but this time, I'm not sure that Mr Wolf was inspired like on his precedent album…

"Dreams Warrior" is not bad a bad album at least for the fans of this kind of music, for the fans of the band, but this time, it miss two things in my opinion. I was waiting for this new album because the last one was really impressive, very beautiful and magic, and damn original. But on this one it miss some stuffs… First this is certainly not surprising like "Night Of The Werewolf", and one important thing is missing on it… The magical part of the music. Of course some songs like "Silver Symbol Of Thunderstorm" or "Key Of Dimensions" are excellent, with a damn great ambiance but in general the songs in comparison of "Night Of The Werewolf" are average. It certainly miss some guest in this "Dream Warrior" and maybe a bit more of inspiration. Oki that's the following of the story but well really even the numerous dark ambiances aren't here a lot this time, and at the end that's a bit boring… that's too bad…
Plus the album suffer of a lot of little instrumentals songs between each real songs, not really needed I think, at the end all that just do a too numerous break between all the songs…
At the opposite, the production and the sound on this album are really better than on the last one, that's a good point.

Well the new Ywolf is a bit disappointing for me, that's not a bad album but an average one in comparison of "Night Of The Werewolf". Always original in its composition, without any guitars, drums etc, and only organs and keyboard, this album suffer of a lack of originality in the composition of the songs. Well I'm not afraid we will have a better one next time I'm sure of it… And of course if you're a fan of the band, don't worry I'm sure that you'll like it too…

Written by Jeff | 26.10.2004


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