Yyrkoon - Dying Sun review


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Band: Yyrkoon
Album: Dying Sun
Release date: December 2002

01. Idols Are Burning
02. Crystal Light
03. Flight Of The Titan
04. Tha Clans
05. Trash'em All
06. Gods Of Silver
07. Stolen Souls
08. Screamer
09. Back To The Cave
10. Inner Ghost
11. Dying Sun
12. The Invisible Guest [King Diamond cover]

Yyrkoon are a French Metal outfit that began playing Black Metal, but later on they changed their musical style to Thrash Metal with some Death and even Progressive influences, the result? A damn catchy album!
While some people that were fan of the band in their Black Metal phase may be disappointed, I think that the band earned a lot of new fans with their new musical direction, because they know how to this stuff.

The album is charged with catchy riffs and great vocals, divided into clear vocals and Death Metal grunts, a combination that never fails with me.
The songs are just great, from the opener "Crystal Light" you know you're in for something good, the riff in this song is amazing, and the chorus is excellent too! "Flight Of The Titan" is also a killer song, the chorus here is even catchier than the previous song, and that's something!

Reminiscence of the eighties take over when "Thrash 'Em All" kicks in, full speed ahead Thrash attack, that reminds me of the golden years of Metallica and even some Anthrax memories come into mind when I hear this tune. "Stolen Souls" has also this excellent almost Progressive musical direction.

This record brings me back to the eighties when Thrash was at its peak of popularity, and brings some modern elements like the Progressive overtones and the separate vocals styles, some keyboards can be found on some songs also, element that gives a lot of texture to the songs, I would recommend to exploit more the use of keyboards on future releases.

This is a great release, filled with great and catchy songs, some to headbang to, some to relax and listen, the overall quality of the album (including cover art and layout) is very professional. A band to watch out in the future!

Written by Undercraft | 27.10.2004


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