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Band: Morior Ergo Sum
Album: Inheritors Of Avernus
Release date: October 2005

01. Call Of The Unseen
02. Sine Nomine
03. Inner Faith
04. The Great Master
05. Between Two Worlds
06. Hate And Fear United
07. Sands Of Fate (Ode To A New Begining)
08. Velvet Lascivious Darkness

This is the first time I hear this band called Morior Ergo Sum, their music surprised me in a really pleasant manner; when I received this album first I thought I was going to hear another raw black metal release with awful production and undecipherable songwriting, but when I pushed play in my stereo every little voice inside me said "you're stupid" because the music was the total opposite to what I thought primarily.

The album starts with a melodic/symphonic intro, this is exactly where I realized I was wrong, but the best part came a couple of minutes after; when the actual songs begin you'll recognize a lot of influences (Dimmu Borgir some Susperia and Old Man's Child came to my mind) but everything sounds a little different from those mentioned bands, in fact, Morior Ergo Summanages to create an implausible atmosphere which combines the best of black metal itself.

The instrumentation in this album is very good indeed, there are a lot of interesting guitar leads which add technical edge to the music, the vocalist is quite diverse and multi-faceted, therefore the vocals go along with the varied lyrical content (it reaches a lot of subjects f.e. love, hate, darkness, etc.) which is great for a black metal album; but what impressed me the most was the keyboard-work, it's one of the most effective I've heard in years, it literally wraps the music in dark forms, then obfuscates the environment over and over again to finally create the illusion of layers towards the mix, that's impressive believe me.

Another great feature comes in the layout, it's all managed in blue shades and dark scales, if I'm not mistaken it has a couple of passages from Bram Stoker's Dracula (f.e. the blue fire and the gate in the cover). The production is good, it could be better of course, but I won't complain because the music actually steals the spotlight in every aspect. So I highly recommend this album, many people will find it amazing and even more if you are a melodic black metal fanatic, this album is a MUST for those metal-heads; though I still recommend it for everyone as this album will deliver a lot of overwhelming characteristics to please your thirst for good metal.

Best Tracks: "Inner Faith", "The Great Master", "Sands Of Fate" (this one is amazing, it has irregular paces and a lot of catchy riffs)

Written by Herzebeth | 30.04.2006



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28.09.2009 - 09:33
Heaven Knight
Have original cd...for me this music is enjoyable, but quite average...7.5 max
So behold the flight of the sapphire dragon
soaring through the skies once again


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