Kania - Remorse review


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Band: Kania
Album: Remorse
Release date: October 2004

01. Persona Deformed
02. Remorse
03. Thorns In Eyes
04. Eclipse

Australia, the only thing I relate with the land down-under is AC/DC, the boogie hard-rockers that's famous all around our great globe and kangaroos.
But what I don't relate with AU have to be a really promising MeloDeath act, but judge of my surprise, that's exactly what Kania is.

Kania was formed back in September 2003, and they released their first demo just 3 months later.
With their European influenced Melodic Death Metal, Kania had one song on the Nation-Vide compilation, which was released in January 2004.
And after gaining experience from live concerts, Kania decided to record a new Demo, this time with European Distribution.
The EP, entitled "Remorse" is already released in Australia, but the European release date is yet not settle.

As mentioned, Kania is very influenced by the European Death Metal scene, by mixing together older In Flames and Dark Tranquillity from Gothenburg-sound with harder Death Metal acts, Kania creates something special, maybe not original but still very good.
The potential these guys have is over the top, and I'm sure, if they go on and developing, that they will be a name that we should remember.

The music is best described as hard, fast, melodic, hard and hard (oh, did I say hard?) with growly, almost growly-screamy, vocals. And that they don't copy any band directly, just taking a dose of that and mix it with a dose of that, the perfect recipe for success, makes it even better. I mean, to many of today's MeloDeath bands are just ripping off other bands.

Since the amount of songs is very restricted, it's had to divine the songs in the usual two groups, "good and bad", or if you like "good and better".
But if I shall choose one or two songs that touches me the most, I firstly have to say "Thorns in Eyes", that's the best song this EP has to offer. The song is so filled with melodies but it's still very hard and it's hard not to hymn along with it, I love it. It's pretty amazing how a young band can write such a good song.
Second I'll choose "Eclipse", even if I don't like it as much as the first, I still hold this over the remaining two.
But none of the remaining two songs can be classified as bad, all of them are holding very high quality, that together with the great production makes this 14:24 minutes the best spent time in quite a while.

Keep your eyes open, the land down-under is rising against our Metal Market, and as long as the bands are as good as Kania, I can't find a reason why we should complain.

Check Out: "Thorns in Eyes" & "Eclipse", but don't forget the first two.

Written by Malcolm | 13.11.2004



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07.11.2006 - 12:58
Both Bears
absolutely amazing record .. sucks that Australia's so far :S

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