Empyrean Sky - The Snow White Rose Of Paradise review

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Band: Empyrean Sky
Album: The Snow White Rose Of Paradise
Release date: 2004

01. Love Poison
02. Reality Principle
03. Into The Depths
04. Peak Of The Fall
05. Pleasure Principle
06. Empyrean Sky

Have you ever seen that commercial for the energy drink Red Bull where it says: "Red Bull gives you wings"? Well that's exactly how I feel when I listen to this album; the music is so energetic that it makes you feel like you are in the middle of the clouds flying around with your wings.

Q: So who are these guys anyway?
A: Empyrean Sky consists of 3 members. They have been around for a couple of years but this album is still their first official release. The band is apparently unsigned but still seems to manage everything on their own, even their own merchandise. Their influences range from many diverse bands such as: Opeth, Exodus, Iced Earth etc.

Q: So how does this album sound?
A: Snow White Rose of Paradise is a mixture of many styles; it mixes power metal with progressive metal and then with Gothenburg metal and death metal elements. If that wasn't enough, there are even some thrash metal influences too. The powerful guitar sound can be fast and melodic or even changed with an acoustic sound. The guitar sounds are accompanied by harsh, clean or dark vocals. The drums are done by a drum machine that is perfectly programmed to fit the rest of the music, in case it's needed, it adds speed to the song and in other occasions it can also help it slow it down a little. The band doesn't have an official bassist and are currently looking for one, so I'm not sure which one of the 3 members that stands for the bass duties.

Q: Wow, this band really mixes everything together; can that make a good result?
A: Well, imagine a blender. You throw every fruit you can think of in it: strawberry, bananas, honey melon, kiwi, you name it. And then when you have mixed them all together and when you taste the result, it tastes unexpectedly delicious. That's pretty much the case for this album too.

Q: So what do I do now?
A: If you still haven't figured out that you must get this album right now, then you either don't like metal or you must have much in common with Homer J. Simpson - doh!

Written by Azhidahak | 17.11.2004


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