F.O.B. - Follow The Instruction review


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Band: F.O.B.
Album: Follow The Instruction
Release date: November 2003

01. Neverending Projections
02. The Mask
03. Whiteness
04. Reality
05. In Progress
06. Time Runs So Slowly
07. The Judge
08. The Horse Blow Job
09. Emotional Sadomasochistic
10. Indian Fall

After Agony, this is my 2nd review for an album of the Czech label I.F.A.. This time this is F.O.B., a Death Metal band from Czech Republic, of course. They play a subtle mix of brutal Death with some touch of very technical music. At the end when we see the musical structure of this album, I think that we can talk about maybe of Progressive Death, yeah I don't think that I'm wrong on that point. And I'm not wrong too, when I say that this is an album of a very good quality…

The music of F.O.B. is very brutal on a side, but very technical and melodic on the other side. Don't expect however to find here some Gothenburg Death Metal, no no, this band plays a really original Death, and the first thing that you'll certainly feel will be the very good technical level of the music. It's complex !!! Yeah very complex with a lot of great guitars solo and damn each musical structure on each tracks are rally impressive. With, and I'm sure that you supposed it since a the beginning of this review, a lot of growls for the sing, each songs of this "Follow The Instruction" are catchy. It's good to listen to F.O.B., the advantage with this kind of band, its originality, we definitely can't say the opposite. I have the feeling that we have some excellent bands in Czech Republic, because each time that I listen to bands from this country it's a great surprise, it's new, it's fresh.
My only regret in fact comes from lyrics. This is not bad but very classic, not very original, not bad really but well we saw it a lot of time before. I think that it could be better in the future.
On the other hand I have nothing to say against the production of this CD. This is well done, with a good sound (this is not the case of all the bands from the Eastern Countries unfortunately) and this first full-length album is first a really good surprise but also a really promising album.

You like Death Metal??? A classic one or a melodic one??? Have a look on this "Follow The Instruction" believe me, F.O.B. deserves your attention. It's original well done etc, and above all more than promising for a first album.
Death Metal fans, don't wait a go to you records seller, you must find this album.

Written by Jeff | 17.11.2004


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