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Inveracity - Circle Of Perversion review


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Band: Inveracity
Album: Circle Of Perversion
Release date: 2003

01. Savagely Beaten
02. Repulsed By Vaginal Reek
03. Fistfuck Sodomy
04. Defloration
05. Unconscious
06. Ejaculation Over Mutilation
07. Blood Of Impurity
08. Compulsive Degradation
09. She Died In My Arms
10. Eleven
11. Multiple Homicide

Oh no! the killer is going to cut her neck off! KILL! KILL! KILL! Hell yeah!!! This is just great! Inveracity is on the house, and they're in for the kill! And I mean it! This album will rip your entrails apart, riff after riff, growls after growl, just 100% Old School Death Metal, done in the Greek style, pure foul language and disgusting lyrics, for you to rejoice in other's suffering.

The band reminds me of old Cannibal Corpse, but with better production, ok, the vocals are undecipherable, that's a negative point in my books, but in the other side, the guitar and drum work is quite impressing, these guys are all about full speed ahead, although they have some tempo breaks and calmer parts in some songs.

Special mention to the artwork and Cd design, is just great, the whole b-movie poster/old comic book concept fits perfectly with the music, the only thing that ruined it was the ugly collage of photos of the band in the inside part of the jacket.

There's not really much say about this album, great Death Metal, brutal, unrelentless and highly addictive, maybe is not the most original piece of music around and the formula has been done a zillion times, but who said that good music has to be original?
Old School Death Metal for those who like Death Metal the way it should be; brutal.

Written by Undercraft | 25.11.2004



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12.02.2011 - 09:17
Loved it, im always fond old school death and this one just delvers the right amount of juice

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