Tenebrum Infectus - Tenebrum Infectus review

Band: Tenebrum Infectus
Album: Tenebrum Infectus
Release date: October 2004

01. Sutcrfni Murbenet
02. Infernal Bewitchment
03. Bloob, Flesh And Darkness
04. Raped In The House Of God
05. Vagina Sickning Pussy
06. Human's Regression
07. Pig's Sodomy At The Herta's Farm
08. The Blooding Cannibal Fest
09. Tenebrum Infectus
10. Vomit Your Soul
11. Gays Fuck Like Christians
12. My Eternal Last Anguish
13. Raped In The House Of God [live]
14. Vagina Sickning Pussy [live]
15. Bloob, Flesh And Darkness
16. Spermatoïd Punishment [Live inédit]

These days, in France there is a trend which wants that the bands which do "gore" Grindcore are so "cool" !!! Since one or two years, we saw Grosnibard [read Bigboobs] and many others, and now this is the turn for a new one, Tenebrum Infectus. Well well, if you want to know, after many talks with a lot of Metalheads of different ages, I can do this conclusion, the only ones who have a really interest in this music are kids of 14, 15, 16 years old. Then, we will wonder why? Well because I think, but maybe I'm wrong, that even if the lyrics of all these bands are 2nd degree and are made certainly for fun, only kids can find a real interest in some porn and very vulgar lyrics. You know guys [I'm talking to all these bands now…] the words, "crap", "pussy", "dick" and "fuck", that's funny 2 mins but after this very short time, that's totally uninterested. Maybe it's time to grow up a bit and to write something interesting, hoo don't worry I understand it we can laugh, but your only risk is at the end to have potential listeners with spots on their face and with a brain development… not developed, at least for the moment…

But we will be back some few minutes to the album itself. Well, if you like this kind of music, I think that it will be interesting for you. The riffs are not bad at all, in the style it's really well done yeah, but the same problem remains, that's clearly brutal with a length of 2 mins maximum each time…. This is like a lot of Grindcore bands not really structured, it's brutality for brutality and if you like this music, that's ok, but if you like something a bit more structured, well that's more than boring…
Luckily, the production is not too bad, the sound is ok, and you have two videos of the bands in it, well that's correct. But the cover… haaa the cover, well I can find a really good and funny point. The concept is not really bad, the border of the booklets have the basic colours which means for a French =] delicatessen trade. But the pics on it damn, I'm not an agent of the Catholic Church (at the opposite), but come on guys, an ass with on it a label which says "whore ass" or some dicks with on it "dicks with garlic flavour" or again some "bitch pudding"… I don't need to do any more comments…

At the end, I'm sure that some of you will say, "come on all that is for fun, it's not serious, you really don't understand Grindcore". Well then you're wrong, I absolutely understand that all that is for fun and I know it's 2nd degree, but well, it's funny one time, and when you have a lot of bands which do this kind of stuff, at the end the surprise effect is dead. I definitely don't want to play the poor intellectual, but it's boring, at least for me and I can bet a good beer in a pub (with some good "little dicks" and "cooked clitoris" for cocktail snack if you want) that I'm not the only one…
My feeling about all that? If you're a fan of this kind of Grindcore or if you have 14 years old you can buy it, you'll like it for sure, but if, when you read my review, you agree with me then… maybe it's better for you to forget this album…

Written by Jeff | 26.11.2004


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