M.Ill.Ion - Kingsize review

Band: M.Ill.Ion
Album: Kingsize
Release date: September 2005

01. Eyes Of A King
02. Backdoor Queen
03. Room No. 3
04. Rock N' Roll Nation
05. On And On
06. Forbidden Fruit
07. Zombies
08. Fight You Forever
09. Killing The Messenger
10. Prison Of Power
11. Those Eyes
12. Blues [Japanese Bonus]

European/Swedish AOR with large touches of Melodic Metal, that's how I would describe M.Ill.Ion if someone asked me.
And with large touches I really mean large, because this is both harder and a little faster than usual AOR (at least the AOR I'm familiar with).

M.Ill.Ion released their debut album already back in 1992, on the Danish label Büms, and since that has they released two full-length albums and one Live album before this.
And this time they are signed with Majestic Rock Records, since they didn't think that their deal with the British A2 was giving them as much distribution/promotion as they wanted.

So now as their first album on Majestic Rock they releases "Kingsize" an album filled with melodies and emotions, they're prepared to end up in your cd-collections.
It took 6 month to records this monster, and it's the second album with vocalist Ulrich Carlsson.
And I'm sure it's going to be mention in all the well-known rock press when it's time so sum the best AOR/Melodic Metal releases of the year.

Personally I only known M.Ill.Ion by the name before, I haven't heard any of their past releases, but I'll change that in the near future.
This album contains all that I want from a Melodic Metal album. It's very melodic, great songs, fitting lyrics and a singer that's really born to sing this kind of music. All of this plus a perfect production makes this album a killer.
And another good thing is that this never gets boring, it's listen-able any time.

The songs I'm holding as favourites are: "Backdoor Queen" with a great touch of organs and a great chorus, "Room No.3" a slower, heavier and darker, but still very strong, "Rock 'n' Roll Nation" once again a dark tune, but it's a little faster than the one before and "Zombies" a real "in your face" song that's really an easy one to like.

Is we shall talk negative for a while, I'll have to pass, there is nothing here I can complain about, maybe the lack of promotion. Sure I guess it's more than they got on A2, but still, with an album as good as this I would expect even more promotion, because even if they have 15 years experience, there's almost no talk about them, it's sad.

If you're a fan of bands like Pink Cream 69 and Jaded Heart, you'll most likely take this album to your heart. Is has everything a successful AOR/Melodic Metal album needs, and more to that.
It's absolutely one of the best AOR/Melodic Metal releases of this year.

Check Out: "Backdoor Queen", "Room No.3", "Rock 'n' Roll Nation", Zombies" & "Fight You Forever".

Written by Malcolm | 27.11.2004


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