Frozen Fire - Road Of No End review

Band: Frozen Fire
Album: Road Of No End
Release date: February 2004

01. Castle Of Trust
02. Temporary File
03. Dry Blood
04. Road Of No End

I must be honest, when I received this 4 song Demo I thought, oh no! another freakin' Power Metal band trying to achieve success repeating a formula that has been done a zillion times… But I got to hear, so here we go, I'll listen to it, give it a 6 or 5 and move on to the next record.

So I pushed the play button and the first track, "Castle Of Trust" began, I must say that I was fairly impressed by the musicianship of the band, heavy riffs, tempo changes, catchy melodies, progressive breaks… but I couldn't like this band! Is a Demo of Power Metal! That with Black Metal, are the worst kind of Demos that you can receive, they sound all the same!

But it was too late, I was captured by this little jewel, because next song "Temporary File" had a little surprise for me, some growls, yes! Out of the blue and in the end of the song some growls surprised me, really good variation from the basic formula, growls also are included in other song, they were great, short, but great.

The negative aspects of the band are the vocals, I think sometimes they sound too forced, and the tend to exaggerate the falsettos and high notes, and the cover art/general layout, is really ugly, maybe some work on these 2 areas will bring more attention towards the band.
Frozen Fire are, just like their name hints, frozen, but they have a fire inside them, let's hope that they show that fire in their debut album.

Written by Undercraft | 30.11.2004


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