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Entombed - Inferno review


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Band: Entombed
Album: Inferno
Release date: 2003

Disc I [Inferno]
01. Retaliation
02. The Fix Is In
03. Incinerator
04. Children Of The Underworld
05. That's When I Became A Satanist
06. Nobodaddy
07. Intermission
08. Young & Dead
09. Descent Into Inferno
10. Public Burning
11. Flexing Muscles
12. Skeleton Of Steel
13. Night For Day
14. Albino Flogged In Black [Japanese bonus]
15. Some Velvet Morning [Japanese bonus]

Disc II [Averno] [USA bonus]
01. When Humanity's Gone
02. There Are Horrors Of 1000 Nightmares
03. Random Guitar
04. Retaliation [video edit version]
05. Albino Flogged In Black [video edit version]
06. Retaliation [video]
07. Albino Flogged In Black [video]

For those who have been asleep for about thirteen years, Entombed was, with 1990's Left Hand Path, one of the precursors of the melodic side of death metal. A few years later, after the collapse of most death metal bands, Entombed decided to drop pure death and to create a new style, called death'n'roll. 1993's Wolverine Blues was praised by the critics, but after that... total blackout. Even if they still released good albums, among which the great Morningstar, no one really cared.

This short introduction is necessary for in my opinion Inferno is the album of renewal. Entombed has come back to the roots, to release something nearer to Wolverine Blues than anything else, but maybe better, because it is more varied. This step backwards is obvious when you see the restricted budget cover, when you hear the raw live sound of the album.

Besides, they seem to have stopped taking themselves seriously, as for the first time an Entombed album contains moments of fun, like the hilarious 'That's When I Became a Satanist'. Furthermore, the whole album is groovy, catchy... a real invitation to headbang ['Descent Into Inferno']. Don't worry, the basis is still the same, that is this very special stoner-death with harsh vocals, as if Spiritual Beggars had met Satan and decided to sound death metal. Thus, some songs are as dark as usual, for example 'Children Of The Underworld' and 'Night For Day'. This last one is particularly interesting because it shows a certain evolution characterized by the apparition of keyboards, just like the sad instrumental 'Intermission'. But on the whole this is still Entombed, with its typical speed killer riffs, its hysterical singer [who sings more melodically on some songs like 'Retaliation'] and its ability to write catchy songs. Anger, groove, fun, definitely metal, what can you ask more?

If you used to be a fan of this great Swedish band, and were disappointed by the last albums, give Inferno a chance, and I think your neck will start to ache after three songs. This album is a new start.

Highlights: Retaliation, That's When I Became A Satanist, Nobodaddy

Written by Deadsoulman | 29.10.2003



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26.01.2009 - 21:25
Nice review, I can agree with it. I think I can.

As an "awakening" album it's good. I think this was my first Entombed album which was something new for me, as I have never listened to something, sounded like this.
At first I noticed the song "That's When I Became A Satanis" which still is very catchy and with interesting lyrics. "Intermission" is very good although it's an instrumental composition - I like that kind of diversity in some albums, where are few instrumental parts too.
Anyway in my opinion the most important song is "Descent Into Inferno", it's pretty enjoyable with all these interesting guitar riffs, and of course - the vocals.
The minus of this album is that it's not that interesting when you're listening it for the second time. Still not catchy enough?
17.05.2009 - 09:21
Liver Failure
Good review. Good album.. what else can be said?

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