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Icewind - Inner Storm review

Band: Icewind
Album: Inner Storm
Release date: 2004

01. Spiritual Nemesis
02. Winter Heaven
03. Inner Storm

Is finally summer here, but it seems that in Canada is always snowing, at least where the guys of Icewind live, they present us their 3 song EP/Demo all done in a very professional way, I mean, the Cd Cover, the disc itself, everything has been nicely arranged so it can make a good impression, and it worked.

Even tough these guys really worked in the visuals, at the end the music is that matters, and sadly these guys chose to play Power Metal, the most overcrowded genre in Metal (along with Black Metal), chances to be original here are quite odd, so let's take a look here.

3 songs, with somewhat weak production, but still enjoyable, and besides is a Demo, I usually forgive this technical mistakes on Demos because not all bands have financial support to release a proper full-length.

My real problem with this band is not the production, neither the music, is the vocalist, he is really annoying! He starts singing ok, then he uses awful falsettos, and ruins the whole experience for me, I mean, I'm listening a nice song like "Inner Storm" and then I listen this horrible scream in the back, way too forced! And even the falsetto is totally wrong, it sounds like freakin' King Diamond!

Musically the band is not band, nice tempo breaks, good songwriting and nice ideas overall, but the singer ruined this Demo for me, is a shame, I bet this band with a different vocal approach could achieve something.

Written by Undercraft | 09.12.2004


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