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Eyeconoclast - Clustered Dead Ending Corridors review

Band: Eyeconoclast
Album: Clustered Dead Ending Corridors
Release date: June 2005

01. Clustered Dead Ending Corridors
02. Overload 5790
03. Speedlight Trauma For Reconstruction
04. Axiom Of The Dyode Gods
05. Cursors [2005 re-recorded version]

I'm proud to present you, "Clustered Dead Ending Corridors", the 3rd demo of Eyeconoclast a young Italian band that plays an efficient Death/Thrash Metal in the vein of the Haunted with in addition some touches of Gothenburg Death à la old Dark Tranquillity. If we have a lot of young bands that choice to play this kind of music, not a lot of them are at the end really interesting… but luckily this is not the case of Eyeconoclast…

The great point of this album is the diversity, and when I talk about diversity, believe me that we have variety in this Demo. From Gothenburg to Thrash with some touches of technical Death metal and even some grind sonorities "Clustered Dead Ending Corridors" is an excellent album full or originality and above all really catchy.

The five songs of the demo are really good and as I said presciently we can find a lot of influences in the music of Eyeconoclast. A song like "Overload 5790" with its powerful riffs, its growls and with a really fast tempo (near of Grind) remind me the anger of a Dark Tranquillity on "The Gallery". At the opposite, "Axiom Of The Dyode Gods" or "Clustered Dead Ending Corridors" definitely sound more Thrashy with their really melodic choruses in addition of the nice clean vocals of Synder with his timbre à la Hetfield. Also, the music is technical you'll find great guitars solos and the drummer is a crazy musician who know how to use double bass pedal…

With a really nice and professional production, without any problems of recording, with a nice cover etc, "Clustered Dead Ending Corridors" will probably help the band to find a good deal with a label. And shame on them if they cannot see the potentiality of this band…

Great musicians plus a bunch of great compositions supra effective and catchy: In one word "Clustered Dead Ending Corridors" is a great surprise for me and believe me I can promise you that we will hear about this band, probably signed on a big label, soon (and I'm rarely wrong when I say that…). With "Clustered Dead Ending Corridors", Eyeconoclast is for me one of the revelations of the year.

Written by Jeff | 12.08.2005


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