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Buried Inside - Chronoclast review


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Band: Buried Inside
Album: Chronoclast
Release date: 2005

01. Introduction
02. Time As Ideology
03. Time As Methodology
04. Time As Surrogate Religion
05. Time As Imperialism
06. Reintroduction
07. Time As Abjection
08. Time As Automation
09. Time As Commodity
10. Time As Resistance

Buried Inside comes from Canada and uses to play a really good and original Hardcore. This combo never chose to do something easy of access, no, their music is really complex with a lot of progressive touches in it. If you are a lover of some bands like Neurosis or Cult Of Luna, no doubt that this new album "Chronoclast" is a must have for you.

"Chronoclast" was written like a unique song divided in different parts, have a look on the tittles of each tracks and you will understand. Of course at the end, the songs are clearly different but however there is a real link between each song. "Chronoclast" is really dark, that's not really easy for me to explain the feeling that this album will give to you but with its very slow tempo, the very aggressive vocals all the nice melodies that you will find in, you will be for sure really surprised by the music of the band. This is not pure and heavy Hardcore, this is clearly too much melodic for that. This is not far of Doom Metal, but this is not Doom Metal, etc etc. In fact that's really hard to classify this band, but after all we don't care, because the music is just really good and well done. The songs are all very complex, this is definitely not some kind of "easy music", yeah really Buried Inside did something more than interesting. In fact you have, I think, two forms of Hardcore, the one very aggressive and the others one a lot more complex like it seems to be. "Chronoclast" shows us that they aren't a basic Hardcore bands, and like a Cult Of Luna, they play this specific music, which is at the end really touching.
When I saw this CD, the first time I thought that it was again a basic new album of basic Hardcore, I was totally wrong and honestly now I'm happy in fact to have to do the review of this album. The production is really good, the lyrics are also very well done, I have only one thing to say, Buried Inside deserves to be know now.

As I said before in this review, ALL the fans of Hardcore must have this CD. With this new release through Relapse, the year 2005 will do a really nice start. "Chronoclast" is an excellent album, a must have and I can only recommend it to all the Metal Heads who, like me, are open minded and want to discover a very good band.

Written by Jeff | 21.12.2004


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