Red Harvest - Internal Punishment Programs review


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Band: Red Harvest
Album: Internal Punishment Programs
Release date: 2004

01. (Intro)
02. Anatomy Of The Unknown
03. Fall Of Fate
04. Abstract Morality Junction
05. Mekanizm
06. Symbol Of Decay
07. Teknocrate
08. Synthesize My DNA
09. Worms
10. 4-4-1-8
11. Internal Punishment Programs

The Norwegian metal act Red Harvest has been around for a while, 7 full-length albums and 2 EP's is a good proof of that. But it didn't matter how many albums they had released, I still hadn't heard of them before getting their latest effort in my mailbox.
And I can't say that they didn't rock my world, but I guess that they aren't my cup of tea either.

Anyway, their latest album "Internal Punishment Programs" has received a lot of great reviews and feedback around the globe, and they are also nominated "Best Metal Album of the Year" for the Alarm Award 2005, only that is a achievement not many can brag about.
But I don't think this is that much better than anything else I heard this year, ok my industrial experiences are quite small; maybe that's a reason?

The album starts with an intro, 22 seconds to get ready for the metalworkers to start their shift, that last for 40 minutes.
When the first song "Fall of Fate" starts, you'll hear very fast how this album is going to sound like. It's quite low growl-vocals and pretty mid-paced music, there are no hyper-fast metal songs with two hundred ponds hammers hammering steel, it's more mid-paced Death with some industrial tendencies.

As the promo-sheet reveal, so has Red Harvest built up a good reputation around the globe, especially as a very powerful live act. I can understand that, this music has to be heavy as lead live. Since there aren't so many really fast parts (the song "Synthesize My DNA" is one of the fastest this album has to offer) and a very heavy music, and with all the industrial touched just spices the whole thing up.

But personally I'm not that fond of the music, sure it's thousands of times better than all the boring Nu-Metal acts that tries to add industrial parts in their music, this is at least real. But I'll most likely never listen to this album again after adding this review to MS.
But all old fans and fans of this kind of music (Extreme Industrial Metal) should check them out, they are talented, even I can hear and justify that.

Check Out: You choose one.

Written by Malcolm | 26.12.2004


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