Slugnut - All The Splendor And Rot review

Band: Slugnut
Album: All The Splendor And Rot
Release date: 2005

01. Livid
02. Blue Wall
03. Smear
04. Red, White, And Who?
05. Placenta Diablo
06. Squirty
07. Aggressive Front
08. Revoked
09. Stranger Image
10. Gut Feeling
11. All The Splendor And Rot
12. Road Rage
13. Cornerbag
14. Lash

Papa Undercraft is back with more recipes!

Hello hello!!! And welcome you all to the second edition of Papa Undercraft's old-fashioned home-made cooking! Today we got all sorts of surprises including a particularly delicious Southern dish, but first, let me say hi to mamma Undercraft! Hi mamma!!

Today's recipe:
Spicy Slugnut Soup

Here's the ingredients:

1 cup of Superjoint Ritual sauce
1 teaspoon of Corrosion Of Conformity dressing
Essence of Thrash Metal.
2 tablespoons of Obituary juice
1 slice of Punk Rock
2 chunks of Death Metal
20 Oz. Of insane drumming patterns

Ok, easy right? Let's start. You need to mix in a large bowl the first 2 ingredients, there you have what we'll call the basics of the plate. You get where I'm going? Yeah, I'm sure you do, well what have now is a pretty southern tasting plate right? Some people don't like it because is too simple, so, we'll add some Essence of Thrash Metal, those crazy riffs always spice things up!

So we have until now: good riffing, some thrashing n' bashing moments, an overall Southern feel to it and great presentation. We'll raise things up a notch here, let's add now some insane drum patterns, not always, but only some sections, we don't want to break your necks dear readers!

You have all this, but it feels a little incomplete right? Yeah I know what you're thinking, "sure is fine, but it lacks aggression" don't worry, I'll add 2 tablespoons of Obituary juice and I'll also stick in there 2 chunks of Death Metal, yeah!
Let's wait a little, we need to give it time so it can cook well. We'll be back after these messages of our sponsors.


So, we're back, want to know how this turned out to be? Delicious! Slugnut soup is a dish that could be considered Thrashy, yet melodic at times, with some really aggressive parts with intrepid drumming. The mix of influences in this dish makes it really worth trying. I'll recommend it to anyone trying to taste something different for a change.

Time flies when you're having so much fun cooking these delicious dishes! I'm going to enjoy this! Mamma Undercraft, put the table on, I'm bringing dinner today! And all of you, until next time! This was Papa Undercraft and his magical dinner time!

Written by Undercraft | 19.08.2005


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