Skiltron - Gathering The Clans review


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Band: Skiltron
Album: Gathering The Clans
Release date: 2004

01. Gathering The Clans
02. By Sword And Shield
03. Sixteen Years After

I'm sure of one thing, when it comes to Metal, there is like a gold mine in all the ex-soviet countries but also in Central and South America. The problem is that all these countries are in my opinion a bit underrated in comparison of the USA and all the big European countries and that's a shame evidently. But now, there are a lot of good surprises which come from there every month. And the last one comes from Argentina, then of course we all know Rata Blanca fro example but we can't say that there is a new really interesting band from the land of the tango (and football :p) everyday… This newcomer is Skiltron, an excellent young combo of Power/Folk Metal, something in the vein of a Mago De Oz but in English this time. My friends, if you like whistles and bagpipes, take you kilts and your claymores and come with me to the gathering of the clans !!!

This is a demo, with only 3 songs, but in fact Emilio [the guitarist of the band] said to me that more than 10 songs was already ok, but that they wanted to do a great recording for a few songs instead of a real album with a poor quality. It was a good idea to choice this solution, recorded at "La nave de Oseberg" studio [the studio where Rata Blanca is reacording its new album], this album sounds more than professional. We are not in front of a new amateurish band at the opposite we have here some great musicians, and all of them really know how to play music but also how to write great songs.
The three songs of the albums are really good, the first one "Gathering The Clans" start for example with a really nice Celtic intro and then you'll have a nice melody during all the song with in addition a great and more than catchy chorus. The other songs are bit more dark and warlike but indeed it's always really good. The great thing with Skiltron are the lines of Bagpipes and Tin-Whistle which give a great new interest to a music which is at the base very near of Power Metal. Yes, we have all the ingredients of a classic Power Metal band, great heavy vocals [the singer is really good] in English [but why not at least a song in Spanish itcould be good I think] blasting drums and a very fast tempo guided by the excellent guitars riffs, you could even find some good guitar solo. This is clear this is really professional, and really I can only say that the band is more than promising.
The production, like I said before is, excellent the sound of the album is impressive. That's better than a majority of confirmed Metal bands. Really I'm sure that it will be easy for the band to find a label, at least I hope it for them, but I'm ready to bet a beer that they will find a good label soon… Of course I want to know their other songs, but when I only listen to this 3 first ones, well I can only expect the better…

Well for a first try damn what a great one, "Gathering The Clans" is a mix of all the good stuffs that you want to find in a great album of Heavy Metal. Catchy song that you'll keep in mind forever and that you'll sing everywhere, and of course this originality in reason of the Celtic instruments. In two words, this is good, this is original, this is promising and I only recommend this demo to all the fans of Metal (and to the labels too). Plus you must know that you can download the 3 songs on the website of the band, then you should check all that… My friends you really need to meet the clan, come with me to the gathering to know Skiltron and their excellent music…

Written by Jeff | 04.01.2005


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