M.Z. - Romantic review

Band: M.Z.
Album: Romantic
Release date: 2005

01. Wanderer Fantasy
02. Sanctus Benedictus
03. Hungarian Divertimento
04. First Impozing Waltz
05. Rising Damages
06. Epic Poem Of Middle Age
07. Storm On The Ocean
08. Concerto #21 Intro
09. Mandolins Concerto In C
10. Pathetique Sonata In D
11. Sonata In A, Andantino
12. Winter Concerto, Allegro Nonmolto

M.Z. is one of the French specialists of the Symphonic Metal on its most extreme Classical music form. In two words, if you think that Vivaldi, Mozart and Beethoven was a bit like our Metal heroes of their time, I think that you could like this album, because M.Z. plays Classical music remixed with a Heavy Metal salsa…

This kind of bands in my opinion is really good to divide the Metal Heads. On a side, you'll find the ones who will talk about genius an on the other side the ones who will talk about sacrilege. If we have a better look at this album, we could certainly talk about great musicians, because if you like it or not, that's not easy to play this kind of music with a Metal aspect. I don't know a lot of guitarist who are able to play easily these very technical solos, a lot try, some few can do it. And the guys of M.Z. are real musicians who can do that, and of course that's really impressive. The album can be divided in two parts, the "original" songs written by the band. All is ok here, not really original but the technical level of the guys and evidently the technical level of all the songs are enjoyable, but only if you like instrumental music, because even if that's new on this album, there are some symphonic vocals, well we can't hear a lot these vocals and it's more instrumental than anything else.
The second part, I suppose that you already saw it, is composed of some Classical "hits" of Mr Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert. That's good Metal covers of the songs and yeah for sure you'll see that Metal is not really far away of this music. However I can understand that some of you will say that all that is also a real sacrilege. But it depend of your tastes that's all…
The album suffer of a big problem however, the production. When you want to do this kind of music, you must have a perfect sound… but that's not the case of this recording, at the opposite this is a real shame and we just lose a lot of the quality of the music. I hope that we could have something better the next time, it don't help the band really…

As I said before, this album is for a very particular public, the one of the peoples who like musical demonstration. The other ones will certainly find all that a bit boring, but I suppose that the band already know it. That's a good album, not really original but at least we can listen to some good music. You know how it sounds, you'll be your only judge anyway...

Written by Jeff | 20.01.2005


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