Veni Domine - IIII - The Album Of Labour review


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Band: Veni Domine
Album: IIII - The Album Of Labour
Release date: August 2004

01. Waiting For The Bloodred Sky
02. Eli Lema Sabachtani
03. Doom Of Man
04. River Of Life II
05. Inner Circle
06. Deep Down Under
07. The Healing, The Mystery
08. River Of Life III
09. Voice Of Creation
10. Healers Face
11. River Of Life I

I know some peoples are very sensitive when it comes to religion, but I can assure you that even if you're not into religion, you can find joy in this release.
And if you wondered, I'm not into religion either, I'm an atheist, but I won't review this out of that point of view, just my view of the music, nothing but the music.

Could you ever imagine a band that mixes the best from a Progressive band, let's say Queensrÿche (I'll explain why them later), with some Epic and Doom touches? Well, if not you have to hear Veni Domine, their music is like no others, not that I heard at least.
The music is very dark (doomy) with a lot of slow Epic and Progressive turns all the time, it's a great album to listen to, but it's also very complex. But if you're only after a very complex album mostly for the music, you just hit the jackpot.

But if we shall turn against the mutual way, the singer and the lyrics, that will be the hard part for many listeners (together with the complexity).
The very special voice of Fredrik Olsson will be the final obstacle until you found a new and special album for you collection.
He sounds much like a bit darker Geoff Tate (from Queensrÿche, there you have the reason why I chose them earlier), and it's truly a Love/Hate situation. So if you like Geoff, there's a bigger chance you'll like this.
And the lyrics is a bit Christian, it's based upon the Book of Revelation, but it's not that much that you'll grief about it on your sleep, it's not more than that you can fully enjoy the album without getting upset all the time.

Veni Domine has actually been around for a while, they were formed already back in 1987, but didn't release their debut "Fall Babylon Fall" until 1992, but the comments about that albums wasn't bad, they became quite big back then.
The recording of their fourth "IIII - The Album of Labour" was started in 2000, but it wasn't finished until 2004, mainly because that Fredrik Olsson had some serious problems with his voice/throat.

But if you're looking for a Epic, dark and doomier Progressive metal band with very talented musicians and a "dark Geoff Tate" behind the mic, you can stop looking, you got it right before your eyes.
Give Veni Domine a chance, they deserves it, but do not think that one listening will be enough, this need some serious time in you player before you'll see the greatness within it.

Check Out: God gave you free will, didn't he? . No that was a bad one. My favourites are "The Healing, the Mystery" and "River of Life II".

Written by Malcolm | 21.01.2005


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