Torsofuck - Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy

01. Mutilated For Sexual Purposes
02. Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy
03. Fistfucking Her Decomposed Cadaver
04. Worm Infested Anal
05. Raped By Elephants
06. Pussy Mutilation
07. Snuffed Freak
08. Four Legged Whore
09. Cannibal

Classic Monster Of Goregiastic Records! Highly recommended

Ok now, this is some seriously fucked up music, not bad that is, but I need to warn you all, this is really Brutal stuff! If you get scared easily with distorted bass-lines, if you can't take low guitar riffs and if you are not into Brutal Metal at all...please do not hear this album, cause this will literally take the shit out of you with its utter violence and brutality.

I won't talk about the artwork because, as you might have already noticed from the cover, is really sick and even irritating. Personally I don't care about this kind of artwork, I can take it, but there's people out there who actually won't stand this layout. This time, I won't care about the sickening imagery within this album just for one reason - the great music. The music is like a really huge drill piercing your brain, every single riff we hear is way too much, the vocal work sounds exactly like a headless ogre gurgling via his severed neck, and man those bass-lines are just incredible. This album is a raw mix between catchiness and the most brutal music you've heard.

I am not sure if I love this release, the line between "This album made me sick" and "Damn this album is way too much…but I love it" is actually very thin, so I can't tell with precision. One thing I do know is this music will revolt your stomach over and over again, it will keep you awake trough the night thinking "err…I hope the vocalist from Torsofuck stays in Finland and never comes into my room". Then, those insane clips will travel through your head all day and then you'll be saying…"HAHA…an elephant threw semen on a dude…Wait, I shouldn't be laughing about that…that's so sickening…HAHA…oh what's wrong with me"…you'll burst into laughs for a while and then you'll think… "Well maybe it wasn't a bad album after all".

So well I will tell you once again, avoid this album if you get scared easily, but if you are willing to hear one of the most Brutal releases in Metal History, if you are waiting for those "funny as shit" audio clips, and if you are willing to get some irrational humor* what are you waiting for man…this album is just for you.

*Just check the lyrics; its Cannibal Corpse meets M.Patate VS The Simpsons/The Tom Green Show…funny yet nauseating lines.

Best Tracks: "Fistfucking Her Decomposed Cadaver", "Raped By Elephants", "Cannibal".

Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Website: http://www.goregiasticrecords.com/index2.html#


written by Herzebeth | 14.08.2005


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Spyroid - 24.09.2006 at 23:49  
Haha, I thought Slipknot was sick when I heard them for the first time... back in the day was the shit If Slipknot is sick, this is... beyond everything
Dangerboner - 25.09.2006 at 02:52  
Mikko probably has the most brutal vocals in metal. Overall, I think that this is a very good album despite the overdubbed drums/drum machine and the introduction clips that are way too long.

Edit: But the clips are fucking cool...probably some of the best sound clips I've ever heard.
Thryce - 27.09.2006 at 20:02  
So I ended up listening/enjoying this album again today. Indeed one of the better Gore Grind bands I know. And "Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy" is quite 'fatty' and 'fruity' and it's one of my favo's.

Now the nice anecdote which is the reason why I digged this album up. I'm a criminology student and the new academic year started this week. So I went to the first class of 'forensic mental healthcare', just to check it out, because I was planning to ditch it for the following year. That was until the guy started talking about the subject matters and the kind of forensic mental delinquents that are the study subject of this course: custom-criminals, sexual criminals and offenders, violence criminals and mental handicapped persons who have sexual defects and so commit delinquency. And he gave the example of one guy who sexual abused and raped his hamsters till death... I couldn't help myself to say "sweet" pretty loud and I immediately thought of Torsofuck
Especially the song "Four Legged Whore" came in mind :

Few days ago I bought a cat hamster
It is so cute, I want to fuck it hard
Walking on four legs, shaking that little ass
Dirty fucking slut who deserves to suffer
I place my cock in the center of tis asshole
Hard push, damn its tight but feels so good
I fuck like a rabbid, cat hamster screams in agony
Faster and faster, cat hamster is unconscious
I cut off its tail and shove it up my ass
Innards ripped out, head cut off, cat hHamster is fucked up
Squirting my sperm allover the mess
Tomorrow Im gonna buy a dog another hamster

This class is going to be awesomely sweet. Finally a lesson which begs to listen to Gore Grind whilst studying... This should be fun, moeha !
Dangerboner - 28.09.2006 at 03:53  
lol yeah man, the first time I read the booklet I was laughing my ass off at the lyrics.

your class sounds fun
Warman - 28.06.2007 at 20:04  
Haha, this band is so awesomeeeeeeee!!! Extreme Death Metal!!! The first time I thought the vocals were the bass
Necronomicon - 29.06.2007 at 15:34  
it is so much over the top that it is funny! but not something i can listen to for long periods
Cookies Upstairs - 16.01.2008 at 15:07  
yeah this album was the shit when it came out in 2004, though i first heard it in early 2005, and I was blown away, to date it is still one of the most fucked up albums I've ever heard, but the magic is over for me. i still worship this album in some kinda way, but i can't listen to it over longer periods, because even though this album may be brutal, the music is just crap. i still gave it a 8, lol!
SaTaN - 31.03.2008 at 01:10  
yeah mans torsofuck rules, the goregrind rules i want to fuck my sister my dog and my grandma when i listen this album yeahhhhhhhhh
Mr. Doctor - 31.03.2008 at 22:57  
I hate those vocals... but some introductions were awesome...
But the vocals.. I mean... I don't like them.

It's seems impossible... this guy is sick [in a good way]....

Now that I'm hearing some songs from this album again... After months. Now I think the vocals are awesome hehehe
Daggon - 27.02.2009 at 09:33  
I listened to some of the songs of this album on youtube and can't stop laughing thinking of an ogre without head singing about a dude being raped by elephants hahaha... OMG I think I need to go bed right now...
Cuca Beludo - 07.12.2011 at 20:22  


Back to Gamma Ray...
Troy Killjoy - 07.12.2011 at 21:22  
Raped By Elephants is easily one of my all-time favorite songs.
Mr. Doctor - 07.12.2011 at 21:50  
Written by Troy Killjoy on 07.12.2011 at 21:22

Raped By Elephants is easily one of my all-time favorite songs.

The funny thing is that at first I hated this stuff but when I ignored the vocals I noticed that the riffs are pretty damn good tbh. I even ended up liking the vocals, I should download this stuff again....
Troy Killjoy - 07.12.2011 at 21:53  
Written by Mr. Doctor on 07.12.2011 at 21:50
The funny thing is that at first I hated this stuff but when I ignored the vocals I noticed that the riffs are pretty damn good tbh. I even ended up liking the vocals, I should download this stuff again....

I loved it from the first time I laid eyes on the cover art.

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