Various Artists - DJ Crusher Vol.1 review


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Band: Various Artists
Album: DJ Crusher Vol.1
Release date: 2004

01. Unearth - The Great Dividers
02. Unearth - Black Hearts Now Reign
03. Amon Amarth - The Fate Of Norns
04. Amon Amarth - Pursuit Of Vikings
05. Cataract - As We Speak
06. Cataract - Nothing's Left
07. The Heavils - Get Behind Me
08. The Heavils - Just Got Back
09. Six Feet Under - You Shook Me All Night Long [AC/DC cover]
10. Six Feet Under - Rock 'n' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution [AC/DC cover]
11. Vader - Dark Transmission
12. Vader - Out Of The Deep
13. God Dethroned - Last Zip Of Spit
14. God Dethroned - Sigma Enigma

Nowadays it seems like releasing compilation is some kind of dream the labels have, dream about earn big money of own and somebody else's artists.
But about 90% of all those compilations are crap; there are just a few that are really worth the money they cost.

Wherever this compilation, with already released songs from 7 bands, is one of the good or not, I have to say the latter one.
Sure, it's a pretty cool package, since it's not like every other compilation, here you'll get 2 songs by each artist instead of one, and of course that means that you'll get a better chance to hear wherever you like the band or not.
But still, to include only released song won't please those that's already are fans of the bands.

And if I shall be really honest I have to say that there aren't any real surprises included either, it's famous bands like Amon Amarth, Vader, Six Feet Under and God Dethroned mixed with (for me) more unknown bands like Unearth, The Heavils and Cataract (even if I heard of the last).
Sure, Amon Amarth makes every cd they contribute on good, but still, this is not really a great and spectacular compilation. When I hear of a label like Metal Blade is going to release a compilation, I except something special, something large. Not only a bunch of already released tracks.

No, I can't really say that this impressed on me, it's to tame Metal Blade, I know you can do better.
I would rather recommend you to spend you money on the real releases of these bands, all of them are released already so.

Check Out: Amon Amarth, if you haven't heard them, then you have really missed something.

Written by Malcolm | 03.02.2005


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