Made Of Iron - Made Of Iron review

Band: Made Of Iron
Album: Made Of Iron
Release date: 2004

01. Fight For The Cross...Die For Jerusalem
02. The Storm Just Began
03. Made Of Iron
04. The Alchemist
05. Never Deny Your Fate
06. Peace In Flames
07. Time To Repent
08. Gates To Purgatory
09. King Of All Kings

Made Of Iron are not joking about their name, they're actually made of iron, since this band used to be a tribute Iron Maiden band, after a while they decided to make their own songs and after a while more they signed to Greek label Sonic Age Records and here we are listening their debut album.

I really thought this Cd was gonna be as crappy as it looks (cover art is terrible), but instead I found with a good example of how Metal should be played.
Of course, don't expect any novelty here, this is a band that used to play Iron Maiden covers, so the influence is quite obvious, and while the band is not a carbon print copy of Iron Maiden, you can easily hear the influence that the Maidens did on the band.

The good thing about the band is that the players are quite capable of handling their instruments, and for once, vocalist is actually good at his work, I'm tired of hearing incompetent vocalist that scream to the sky thinking they can reach the stars or something like that.

Nevertheless, this doesn't sound fresh or new, just a revamped version of Iron Maiden, pleasant to listen, but not new or innovative. All songs have the characteristic trademarks of the English legends, as a matter of facts I can also sense some influences of the NWOBHM, like Saxon or Judas Priest.

So, cover art sucks, sound is good, originality? nah, players are good and music is quite enjoyable, songs like ""King Of All Kings", "The Storm Just Began" and "Made Of Iron" are great , sadly I like to listen bands with own styles. Made Of Iron was a Iron Maiden tribute band, now is still an Iron Maiden tribute band, with own songs.

Written by Undercraft | 03.02.2005


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