Consensus - Larvatus Prodeo review


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Band: Consensus
Album: Larvatus Prodeo
Release date: 2004

01. Icarus' Descent From Vanity
02. No More
03. Surreal Picture Of A Nightmare's Dream
04. Zweideutig
05. Ode an Goethe
06. Verschlossene Einsamkeit
07. Labyrinth Of Sorrow
08. Wiederholung

Meanwhile the neighbours in Holland harvest success like hay, the Belgian bands have to live a little in the shadows.
Consensus hasn't been around long enough to be really affected, even if I think they will be in the future.
And that's sad, because here we have a really talented band, that I'm sure would gain much attention around the globe, at least in the Gothic/Doom scene, if they only got the right backup.

Consensus released "Larvatus Prodeo" back in September, and it's actually their very first release. And to release a Full-length album instead of a normal demo proves that the band really love what they are doing and that they have more talent that many other bands.
And then that the album is remarkable good doesn't make it worst.

With almost one-hour playtime, these seven (eight with the Intro) takes us to a world of great Doom and Gothic music mixed with some violins and flutes and sad lyrics sung by a singer with a exceptional emotional (But he's not very good technical, but who cares when he has so much emotions?) voice and even some growls.
This album covers all the parts a real Gothic/Doom album should.

As always in a review, you should pick out the things that you think are the most important good and bad things. And as you read above, I've given you what I think is good.
So now I have to bring forward the things that's bad, and even if it's not much to say.
But you have the production that could be under all critique, if it weren't a Demo, Self-Financed album we're talking about.
And of course, the singer, even if he's a incredible good emotional singer, he need to practice a bit more technique, but I'm really confident that he'll evolve much in the future, and I would NOT want him replaced.

Otherwise I think this demo is one of the better I've ever reviewed, the joy of playing and all the sorrow the music brings together will all non-metal touched, just listen to "Surreal…" you'll get this troubadour-touches in the middle, brilliant I think.
With a better production and a lot of money behind I think we have a band to watch out for in the future.

Consensus, remember that name.

Check Out: "No More", "Surreal Picture of a Nightmare's Dream" & "Wiederholung".

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Written by Malcolm | 06.02.2005


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