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Visceral Bleeding - Transcend Into Ferocity review


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Band: Visceral Bleeding
Album: Transcend Into Ferocity
Release date: 2004

01. Merely Parts Remain
02. Fed To The Dogs
03. Indulged In Self Mutilation
04. Fury Unleashed
05. Trephine The Malformed
06. All Flesh...
07. Clenched Fist Obedience
08. Fire Took His Face
09. When Pain Came To Town

Are you a Technical Death Metal fan? Do you love those long and complex leads in a brutal song? Do you worship those bands that play more than the usual power chord on the guitar? Are you tired of the usual bands with nothing more to offer than fast as diarrhea beats? If you answered yes to at least one of those questions, go now and get this album man, don't even bother to read the review you'll love this no doubt, run to the store NOW.

Now for all those interested in my review…

This is really great music, the album starts with a weird heart beat (this is the way the album concludes also… brilliant stuff indeed), then after a few seconds the massacre begins with "Merely Parts Remain." This song is a jewel, believe me, you'll need to hear that incredible catchy riff (2:36) and that awesome solo (2:09) to actually know what I am talking about; it's actually marvelous from the beginning to the end, an insane orgy of catchy riffs, the most interesting drumming (that ride is just unbelievable) the sickest vocalizations and really appealing bass-lines.

The intro, "Fed To The Dogs," is really catchy, the drumming again is amazing, I am very impressed by the ride work which sometimes manages to sound even funny (2:43) and sometimes really irregular. The drummer has a great notion of the timing, this guy can go from ¾ to 1/8 and then return to the first measure in the most clean and perfect way, he is very technical and resourceful, and I even heard a cowbell in one of the songs.

Another great song is "Trephine the Malformed," actually this track is the most powerful tune in this album. It starts with a mid-paced riff, average actually, but then a short growl opens the song, everything here sounds actually incredible. The first bridge (0:44) gives a great twist to the track and again the riffs become aggressive and catchy (a good use of the tremolo without abusing it, we all know a lot of tremolo in one song can be boring), then the most blasting sequence of instruments appear: first the bass (2:09), then the guitar (2:15), then a nice pause (2:27) to finally conclude the song with an aggressive beat, this song is just unbelievable.

This album is packed with a lot of catchy riffs, complex and technical music, impressive drumming and impeccable songwriting, you will be very pleased when you hear this album.

Note: I won't talk about the lyrics…I mean what do you expect when a band has titles like "Fed to the Dogs" or "Fire Took His Face"…nothing deep or philosophical I know.

Recommended if you like: Necrophagist, Spawn of Possession, Capharnaum.

Written by Herzebeth | 31.07.2005



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21.02.2010 - 08:41
Amazing album, indeed

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