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Band: Paragon
Album: Revenge
Release date: 2005

01. Intro/Impaler
02. Assassins
03. Traitor
04. Masters Of The Seas
05. Revenge
06. Symphony Of Pain
07. Beyond The Veil
08. The Battle Rages On
09. Art Of War
10. Empire Of The Lost
11. The Gods Made Heavy Metal [Manowar cover]

Seven, yes "Revenge" is the seventh album of the German Heavy/Power act Paragon since 1995. Better and better each time, this album follow the rule and I will say without taking any risks that this album will certainly become the best release of the band. No doubts that we are in front of something good for all the fans of German Power/Heavy Metal.

You must already know that we have with Paragon a true classic Power Heavy Metal made in Germany. I mean that in any case we can compare this album to the NWOBHM bands but at the opposite that's easy to categorize Paragon in the category of the Iron Savior and company. I already know that we have a lot of people who love this music, like we have a lot of people who hate it, that's a matter of taste and to be honest I cannot give any real hopes to the ones who already dislike it. That's a classic Heavy/Power Metal from Germany that doesn't avoid the clichés of the genre, with the catchy but really "friendly (we're all mates in the war bla bla bla) choruses à la Manowar. But on the other hand, if you like such music, believe me that we have something great here. The quality of the musicians is really good especially with Andreas Babuschkin and his really impressive vocals.

The production of the album is really good too, and the 11 eleven songs that are maybe not really innovative are at least really well done and believe me that in the category that's a good Heavy Metal release. Actually this new Paragon confirms the impression that the band is still improving its sound quality with some compositions that are better and better each time. Then yeah, if you were a fan of their last really nice album "The Dark Legacy", believe me that you'll have to buy this one without any doubts.

There are tow solutions with this "Revenge" actually. The ones who hate such music will find it unfortunately uncoloured because there is nothing really new in this music, but the others who already like this music will love it without any doubts. Then you understand me very well, if you're not a fan go away, at the opposite that's a must for all the freaks of Heavy Metal from Germany.

Written by Jeff | 06.05.2005



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09.09.2008 - 01:04
LeChron James
this is a really good album, not the most innovative of sorts but still good and catchy nonetheless.
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04.02.2009 - 20:39
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About taste: well its delicous.i like it so much.
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