Mutilation - Conflict Inside review


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Band: Mutilation
Album: Conflict Inside
Release date: May 2004

01. Intro
02. Conflict Inside
03. Damned Mortality
04. Revolt In Myself
05. Rise For Victory
06. The Eye Of Inferno
07. In The Name Of Heresy
08. Imminent Chaos
09. Liar's Resurection
10. Mutilation [Death cover]

Formed in 1991, Mutilation (the one which comes from Poland) is a specialist of the good old school Death Metal. After several Line-Up problems and the abortion of their "2nd" album "Invisible Turn" in 1999, the band is finally back 6 years later with "Conflict Inside", a perfect release for all the ones who like this kind of music. Nothing really new maybe, but some good Death during more than 40 mins, that all the aficionados of true Death Metal will appreciate…

The music of Mutilation is not new that's the truth. To describe it, I must say that we have some really heavy and powerful guitars riffs with the nuclear fast tempo of the Drums, trimmed with some slow breaks and evidently grunts. This is the basic conception of a classic Death Metal of course and I can't say that Mutilation will ever start a revolution of the genre with this album, but however they play something really good.
"Conflict Inside" is a good album of Death no doubt on it, and do you know why? This is not boring at all… A lot of these bands which play such music are in general very good when we talk about technical level and etc, but a lot of them only do albums that you'll listen one, two, ten times… and no more. This is not the case with this album, I listened it several time and even now, I'm not against a new listening…The songs are different and this is not linear, this is a good thing for an album, especially for a Death Metal one, to avoid this feeling of boredom.
With a good production a goodie artwork in the true spirit of old school Death Metal and even with a really well done cover of the mythic US combo Death [Mutilation], theses four guys from Poland show that every Metal Heads on Earth will have to follow the way of Mutilation. That's a good album which maybe lack a bit of originality but the quality of the music is here then…

I know that a lot of you are a bit tired by all these Gothenburg Death Metal bands and only want real Death, then well, you can stop your quest for some days because Mutilation is in the place now!!! Brutal, but however melodic with good lyrics and good melodies "Conflict Inside" deserves to finish in your collection of Death Metal CD . Check by yourself and you'll be able to see (and enjoy)…

Written by Jeff | 28.02.2005


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