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Band: All Shall Perish
Album: Hate.Malice.Revenge
Release date: 2003

01. Deconstruction
02. Laid To Rest
03. Our Own Grave
04. The Spreading Disease
05. Sever The Memory
06. For Far Too Long...
07. Never Ending War
08. Herding The Brainwashed

American death metallers All Shall Perish have been around since 2002 but although they released their debut album Hate.Malice.Revenge back in 2003, via the Japanese label Amputated Vein Records, it was only recently in 2005 when their album was re-released by Nuclear Blast that they managed to get some attention and become notorious worldwide. And what a smart move by Nuclear Blast, they searched and found this talented band in the shadows of all the big names. So +1 for Nuclear Blast for signing a great new band, +1 for All Shall Perish for becoming a part of a much bigger family (the so called "Nuclear Blast family") and gaining a lot more fame and credit, but -1 for the Japanese fellows who lost a great band (+1+1-1=+1 for death metal fans).

Hate.Malice.Revenge is a death metal album somehow in the Swedish melodic style, and even hints from the Gothenburg wave can be found in their music, especially in the guitar sound. Also, if one listens to the music carefully, then traces from the hardcore scene can also be found underneath the bands skin. The quality of this album is more than satisfying and all instruments can be heard clearly, both individually and also combined with each other. The album also has a good variety and can go from fast tempo to mid-tempo and change tactics more often than Mussolini did in World War II. And let's also not forget about the lyrics, because thankfully they are not only about gore and brutality or similar themes that are apparently the most famous theme amongst death metal bands nowadays. The lyrics can actually vary from personal ones to the problems of our new generation and politics.

So well, that was a big pile of great complements for this band, if one read so far he would probably think that All Shall Perish are the new masters of death metal and the new masterminds of the genre, but hold your horses, lets also investigate a little on the negative aspects of this album.

First of all, the drumming are not really the best ones I've heard and there are many passages where I wished that the drums would be a lot faster than they are. The vocals are average, but at certain moments when the grunts changes to screams then I wished they could be a bit clearer or even louder. Also, the band doesn't really have anything new to offer and this album is nothing we haven't heard before. But then on the other hand, how many new death metal bands can you name that offers something completely new and different nowadays?

All in all, this is a good and talented new band that deserves to be checked out.

Written by Azhidahak | 06.03.2005



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29.09.2007 - 16:53
Lost To Apathy
Repetitive, but there's talent.
You don't make up for your sins in church. You do it in the streets. You do it at home. The rest is bullshit and you know it ~ Mean Streets
16.06.2009 - 02:02
Account deleted
Awesome album!
13.03.2010 - 06:06
Very Brutal album!

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