Imperial Crystalline Entombment - Apocalyptic End In White review


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Band: Imperial Crystalline Entombment
Album: Apocalyptic End In White
Release date: 2004

01. Cryogenic Communion
02. Astral Frost Invocation
03. Hypothermic Possession
04. Onward Banshee Legions
05. Apocalyptic Blizzard Regime
06. Upheaving The Ancient Thirst
07. Cascade Cavern Catharsis
08. Convulsing Frigid Death
09. Glacial Lyckanthropic Horde
10. Behold They Frozen Artic Kingdom
11. Råvaskeith's Revenge

I.C.E. I.C.E. Baby!

Last year I received the Demo of a strange band, they were called Imperial Crystalline Entombment (I.C.E.), they played Black Metal pretty much á la Immortal and they kept their identities hidden behind masks and white robes. I reviewed the Demo and to be honest with you was nothing impressive, after a couple of weeks I forgot about the band.

One year later I received the first full length of I.C.E. already with a record label (Crash Music) and more arctic imagery than the Demo. The thing that impresses me about this band is that no one really knows who these guys are! All the mystery surrounding the band has contributed to give them certain status among Metalheads.

But one thing is status, and other thing is the quality of their music, well, I'm quite impressed, because the Cd shows a lot of improvement, as a matter of fact, is an excellent album, filled to the brim with amazing Black Metal. Most songs are piercing-fast; drums and guitars do their job amazingly, while icing shrieks chant their hymns of coldness.

Imagery is an important deal for the band, they're no common band, as a matter of fact they aren't even humans! They are just humble servants of Ravaskeith, and they're here with the sole purpose of foretell a cold future for mankind. As I said before, their identities are covered by faceless masks.

While many compare the band to Immortal (even I did that in their Demo) I must say that I feel that the band is drifting away from that tag, their music is becoming a little more complex and the whole icing cold concept is quite original, whether it's real or we're just dealing with lunatics here. And the straight dope is that I don't even want to know who these people are, they play amazing Black Metal and their debut album is quite impressive.

You'll find little information on the band in the web, so I recommend to go to their website and buy their album, which by the way is quite attractive visually speaking, booklet and artwork design is very professional. One more reason to get this one.

Written by Undercraft | 28.03.2005



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27.06.2010 - 10:33
I'll check it out!
04.07.2010 - 23:10
Underpaid M.D.
I listened to a couple of songs in Myspace and I found them quite enjoyable, maybe I should try them, I like Immortal a lot, so it won't be a problem to listen to their album completely, also I love when a band tries to express a feeling of "coldness" with their music, maybe that's why I like Immortal and that's why I consider their sound to be unique, well this guys maybe aren't bad at all.

Nice review and thanks for the letting us know about this band.
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