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Of Infinity - The Essence Of Infinity review


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Band: Of Infinity
Album: The Essence Of Infinity
Release date: September 2004

01. The Voice Without
02. Shadow Of A Lie
03. It's Only For Forever

One more time, I'm confronted to a new Symphonic/Gothic Metal band with a female singer… not really surprising isn't it? Of Infinity doesn't come from Scandinavia but USA and even if it can already sound boring for some of you, please stay here because exceptionally we have maybe a really promising band here.

Ok this is only a demo of three songs then it's not really easy to have a fair judgement, but at least that's easy to hear that this band will certainly do something in the metal scene. Ok we are in front of a new female singer combo but they knew how to avoid doing a new Nigthwish copy and that's a really good thing evidently. The three songs are melodic and it really sounds gothic actually and to give you some examples, "The Voice Without" is maybe not the best track of the album a bit classic not really new but it's a good Power/Gothic song with some nice vocals an insistent tempo and above all, a catchy melody. "Shadow Of A Lie" is different in reason of the lead melody played by a violin, this is a bit more powerful and catches easily the listener and I can't deny that the band wrote something beautiful. The last song is a really nice ballad with a lot of piano and great powerful riffs by the rhythmic guitar. As you can see and even if we only have three songs we have a lot of variety and evidently this kind of demo and music can only give you some great hopes for the future.

The production is also excellent, really we don't have a lot of such productions when it comes to listen to Demos. This is well recorded at least even if I we can regret the really minimalist artworks… In general that's always better even for a Demo to release an album with a good cover, it can help you a lot to find a label more easily…

At the end, we have three first really promising songs, that's maybe not revolutionary but on the other hand the band avoided realizing some songs a bit cliché (and that's really easy to do that when you play such music). This musicians are good no doubt and they will certainly find a label if they follow this way. Don't forget however that a lot of people are now bored by all these bands which play in the same category, but with a little touch of originality, Of Infinity, will win a deal with a good label and release for sure a first album soon... they are talented then why not?

Written by Jeff | 29.03.2005



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21.08.2006 - 22:33
Account deleted
i actually have this - its MUCH better than Nightwish, and not terrifically similar. Only a demo, but i still listen to it reguarly.
22.08.2006 - 09:08
Jason W.
This is an awesome demo, the band definitely knows what they are doing! Supposedly they have a full-length due out for 2007, so lets hope it expands and improves on these 3 tracks
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24.08.2006 - 05:00
La Luna
Nice band , Nice Demo , I knew them a long long time ago and I'm surprised they appear here , don't get me wrong but I don't know is a good surprise to me and you made a review about it , and I'm very glad and yes indeed they have a strong potential !

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