Mahavatar - Go With The No! review

Band: Mahavatar
Album: Go With The No!
Release date: February 2005

01. Cult
02. By The Numbers
03. Raw
04. Open Your Minds
05. Psychos
06. Deep Cobble
07. Anger
08. The Time Has Come

I am with the no!

Ok, I know this starts as your typical joke of "A priest walks into a bar.." but here we go. A Jamaican girl meets a Israeli girl in New York, they jam together, until they come with a concept: Mind Hypnotic Vision Towards Revolution. I imagine that they thought the name was too long so they put A's to every letter and came up with Mahavatar, I wonder if in early stages the band was named Mahavatara. Anyways, they released a Demo, that got great commentaries and sign with Italian label Cruz Del Sur Music. The result? "Go With The No!" weird title? Yes, but to be honest is much more attractive than "skullcrushing manifesto from hell", "fighting for the kingdom of Ivoria" or something like that.

Mahavatar music is quite hard to classify, it has some elements of Stoner Metal and some modern influences also, I'm not saying that this is Nu-Metal, because is not, but in some sections you can definitively sense certain Metalcore spirit.

Armed with session musicians, the duet tries to earn the listener's respect with 8 tracks, sadly they don't catch me in their crusade. While music is quite contagious at times and the album is not bad by any means, it tends to get boring after the fifth song, forcing me to push the stop button without finishing the complete spin.

And why is that? First, songs don't differentiate too much between them, vocalist can get annoying at times, and most of all, the lack of real aggression, I was hoping for some outburst here and there, but I got nothing.
Sure if you listen the album a lot it you will like it eventually, and that's the problem, is not love at first sight, neither second… I guess The Cd has to catch you in the right mood.

Anyway, anyone willing to try this I could recommend some songs, "Cult", "By The Numbers" and "Deep Cobble" are great songs. I think I'll listen to these girls and I'll go with the no!

Written by Undercraft | 30.03.2005



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08.08.2006 - 17:22
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Well i have to disagree with this review, i think the 'girls' do a great job here and i did fall in love with it from the first spin...great band, great cd...

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