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Band: Entwine
Album: Time Of Despair
Release date: 2002

01. Stream Of Life
02. The Pit
03. Nothing Left To Say
04. Safe In A Dream
05. Burden
06. Falling Apart
07. Until The End
08. Learn To Let Go
09. Time Of Despair
10. Tonight [Limited Edition bonus]
11. Tears Are Falling [Kiss cover] [Limited Edition bonus]

Entwine's latest, Time of Despair, which is being distributed in the US courtesy Century Media Records, sees a continued streamlining of their already fine-tuned highly catchy compositions.

Playing a nice balance of hard-edged, chorus driven Gothic Rock, Entwine's sound seems akin to contemporaries HIM and To/Die/For. Most of their lyrics focus around human emotions, such as love and loss and have differing peaks and valleys throughout of sadness and hope. One particular example of this would be in the lyrics of album closer 'Time of Despair'.

Vocalist Mika Tauriainen on this, his second album with the band, again impresses with his addictive vocal talents. From songs such as 'Safe in a Dream' and 'Stream of Life', he showcases his ability to go from melancholic croon, solid midrange to even higher registers.

In the remarkable 'Until the End', Tauriainen is accompanied by songstress Saara Hellstrom who, as female vocal counterpart gives this song a particularly attractive structure.

Guitarists Tom Mikkola and Jaani create songs that are more straightforward and chorus-driven than some of their other heavy metal contemporaries who rely on flashy guitar solos and other showboat techniques. On Time of Despair, the guitars are apparent and chunky without being the only thing to offer. Keyboardist Riita Heikkonen brings to the table simple yet compelling melodies that are distinctly her own and are as important to the songs as the guitars.

Driving drum work by Aksu Hanttu and bass player Joni Miettinen round out what is one of the cleanest and sharply produced albums I have heard in recent memory. However, while the music and many of the lyrics on Time of Despair are quite enjoyable, some might be turned off by some of the, to put it bluntly, syrupy sweet ballad-esque compositions. Key examples are the saccharine lyrics in 'Safe in A Dream' and 'Falling Apart' which, however, has one of the catchiest choruses I have ever, ever heard.

On the other hand, many might find the lyrics comforting in their simplistic nature. They're straightforward in a genre where obscurity and obtuseness are often the rule rather than the exception.

In short this album, despite a few issues in song structure and lyrical content, will suck you in. Its undeniably catchy nature, simple structures and strong crisp production will keep this CD in the player long after others have returned to their cases. It might not be profound and world-changing, but Entwine's Time of Despair is damn listenable.

Written by John P. Dunphy | 02.04.2004


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Entwine started their musical career almost 10 years ago in 1995, back in the days they used to play Death Metal, and a couple of years later they decided to turn towards Gothic Metal, since as a Death Metal outfit, they gained little attention.
Things began to look well for Entwine when they hired Mika Tauriainen, replacing former vocalist P.William, their sophomore album "Gone" and the single "New Dawn" caught the attention of the media in general.

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