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Band: Terroristars
Album: Satanistars
Website: http://www.terroristars.es
Release date: February 2004

01. Santa Agonía
02. Padre Sin Fe
03. Derrotistars Nu Mierda
04. Evil Melodies
05. Vuela Tu Cabeza
06. Himno De Guarro
07. Psycho Surfer
08. Traidor Hijoputa
09. Damage Is Done
10. Choque 2004
11. Norte Errante

Damn, when I saw the picture of the band [the "bloody" members in an abattoir] I thought that it was one more Grindcore band, you know on of these bands who like blood, dead corpses and all these ugly bloody things. But actually no, Terroristars comes from Spain and this is a really new original combo, a real crossover between Death, Alternative music, Hardcore and even Nu Metal. If you're a fan of this music or if you only want to discover something more than unusual, "Satanistars" the first album of the Spanish is for you.

I'm sure that some people will love this album like some others will hate it. We are clearly oriented in the Nu Metal direction but we're not directed in any case toward the "popish" US NU combos at the opposite, Terroristars is violent, violent like a Slipknot but with a nice particularity that I will call "tribal music".

The rhythms of the songs of this album are really special, this is damn powerful and aggressive with a tenacious tempo which enters in the head and cannot leave it. First the lyrics are in Spanish and English, that's really disturbing with this music but for sure it fits perfectly with it. The music is a powerful Hardcore mixed with Death but however that's not impossible to find some "clean" passages especially on the choruses.
That's really weird, when you listen to "Satanistars" you have a special feeling… it's tribal music really that's hard to explain how it sounds to be honest but this is the kind of music which puts the metalheads into trance in the pit.

The production is excellent and that's not really surprising when you know that the album was recorded by Fred Nordstrom at Freedman and masterized by Mika Jussila. Plus, the cover like the numerous drawings of the booklet are really good, and are one of the best that I had seen lately. With good lyrics a lot of catchy songs which are all really original I say that "Satanistars" is a good surprise.

Well we are in front of something surprising disturbing really, and this band will do something at least in Spain I'm sure of it. That's maybe not my favourite music too, but I must be honest and I think that we will have to keep an eye on this band because something can happen with them… Time will tell…

Written by Jeff | 05.04.2005


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