Dungeon - One Step Beyond review


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Band: Dungeon
Album: One Step Beyond
Release date: November 2004

01. The Power Within
02. Tarranno Del Mar
03. One Step Closer
04. Against The Wind
05. The Art Of War
06. The Hunger
07. Surface Tension
08. Under The Cross
09. Epilogue

As usual when it comes to a Limb Music release, it's Power Metal it's all about, a kind of Power Metal that's very associated with just Limb Music.
Todays band is Australia's Dungeon, a band that's been around for some time now.
The first time I came in contact with them was sometime during 2003, when I found their latest release, "A Rise to Power", an album that really did a big impression on me, since it was so tight and some of the songs were really great.

But that was a long time ago, and under 2 years, much can happen and my love for Power Metal has fallen, that's for sure, but I still keep the music close to my heart.
So when I received the new release of Dungeon, I felt this special feeling inside of me bubbling again, even if I knew I wouldn't get the same feeling as I got when I heard "A Rise to Power".

"One Step Beyond" isn't far from the music Dungeon delivered last time, but as I feared, the album didn't really touch me the same way.
But that doesn't mean that the album is bad, it's better than much of the music that's released to the left and right today, and Dungeon is for sure one of the most famous bands from the land down-under, even if Metal is growing stronger and stronger down there.

With this album, Dungeon delivers nine new songs, or eight since one is a short instrumental one, with much Power within them.
As usual when it comes to Dungeon, their music is very heavy, and that's a reason why I rank them above many of todays band, Dungeon really knows that Heaviness can make a band go far.
But what I'm missing on this album is some real killers, many of the songs are good, like "The Power Within", "One Step Beyond", "The Hunger" and "Under the Cross", but no one is really a potential hit. And without at least one song like that, I fear that the album won't be able to stand a chance against the inhuman demands this business has today.

But if you like very heavy Power Metal with decent songs, well, give Dungeon a try, they are much better than the average bands out there today, and I'm sure they will strike bigger one day, all they need is some outstanding tracks, the rest they already have.

Check Out: "The Power Within", "One Step Beyond", "Under the Cross" & "The Hunger".

Written by Malcolm | 10.06.2005



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fantastic cd
fantastic live band
fantastic aussie power metal!!!

man...i miss em...

if your into Dungeon, check out lord tim's new stuff with Lord =)

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