Soulgrind - The Origin Of The Paganblood review


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Band: Soulgrind
Album: The Origin Of The Paganblood
Release date: January 2005

01. The Valley
02. Northlander
03. When Those Nights Have Circled Over
04. Red River
05. The Tree Of Life
06. Autumn
07. Flesh Marionette
08. Paganblood
09. The Watchful Eye And The Old Way
10. Circle Of Pain And Glory

I suppose that a lot of you already know them, I mean Soulgrind is not a new comer at the opposite, they play Metal since 1992. Even if it is a "project" created by Agathon, Soulgrind can be maybe considered like a "real" band if you ask me, with seven albums (including the last one "The Origin Of The Paganblood") they don't have anymore proof to give at least.

This album is not really conventional, actually this is a mix of symphonic music, with Black Metal and Gothic Metal. You'll tell me that it is not really new and you're certainly right, black metal vocals in opposition of some beautiful female vocals that's not really new but actually that's the diversity of the songs on the album that is original. Symphonic, Gothic (we even have a ballad, "Autum") or powerful Black/Power à la Children of Bodom, that's the music of "The Origin Of The Paganblood", that's catchy in general, that's not a problem to listen to the album, and I can bet a lot of money that the aficionados of the genre will fall in love with the music of Soulgrind.

On the other hand, I think that something is maybe missing, I don't feel a lot of emotions when I listen to this album, and excepted "When Those Nights Have Circled Over" which is definitely the best song of the album (a real Hit believe me), all the others ones are ok but nothing more. We have some good songs but nothing really original and unforgettable, the fans will love it for sure but all the ones who want a music a bit more original than the one of the numerous bands that play in the same category today, well it will be different. However I must admit that the confrontation between Whisper Lilith and the singer is not bad at all, and evidently no problem with the guitars solos of Mr Roope Latvala (who is a guest on the CD).

This album is a good album don't misunderstand me, but that's not something new in the style. That's ok, really well done and yeah the female vocals sound different than all these numerous bands with female singers and if you like the precedent albums of the band or if you're a fan of Power/Death Finnish Metal no problem that's a must for you! The others will have to try this album first however…

Written by Jeff | 14.04.2005


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