Onward - Reawaken review


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Band: Onward
Album: Reawaken
Release date: 2002

01. Reawaken
02. Night
03. The Seven Tides Of Labyrinthine
04. Where Evil Follows
05. Eye Of The Nightmare
06. My Darkest Room
07. In Due Time
08. Clockwork Toy
09. Who Saw The Last Star Fall
10. The Next Triumph
    1 - Rememberance
    2 - Reawakening

Onward, short-lived North American band, played some kind of Power Metal tainted with a strong Heavy/Thrash Metal influence, with one of the most impressive guitar player I've ever heard, Toby Knapp. He was also the core of the band and he even play the bass lines on this album, 2002's "Reawaken", which was their second full-length albums, released by Century Media.

Apart from Mr. Knapp sensational guitar touch, another nice feature in Onward's music was the voice of Michael Grant, powerful and surprising, with a strong use of vibrato [as strong as Tobias Sammet period "Theater Of Salvation"], which also conferred a very good bass voice to the songs.

"Reawaken" includes great songs such as 'Reawaken', 'Night' and practically all other tracks as well, now that I have to think of it. My favorites are 'Where Evil Follows' on a fast tempo, 'Eye Of The Nightmare' with a very catchy chorus and 'Who Saw The Last Star Fall', a tremendous song that deserves to be on any metalhead compilation. You guessed it right, this album is a strong release and was in my opinion one of the most original works in this musical style. Apparently, business decided otherwise.

This band is no more and it's a pity seeing the potential shown on "Reawaken". I strongly recommend this album to all guitar freaks and Power Metal fans. As for the others, guitar solos everywhere and talented compositor transform these tracks into a living piece of music that you would be shameful to avoid.


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