Garden Of Delight - Sargonid Seal review


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Band: Garden Of Delight
Album: Sargonid Seal
Release date: 1993

01. Silent Gate
02. Shared Creation
03. The Seal [Sarru Mass mix version]
04. Gods And Myths On Sargonid Seals
05. The Lost God
06. Somnium Interpretario
07. Confessions Of A Captured Occultist

"Sargonid Seal" is the third release from Garden Of Delight after "Enki's Temple" and "Epitaph." It's the third in a series of 7 albums in 7 years with 7 songs each. Adrian Hates, one of the most important figures in the gothic scene of the 90s, first become known through his personal project turned band, Diary of Dreams (an innovative band with a personal sound and style). Adrian now joins Garden Of Delight playing the bass guitar and some keyboard melodies; he brings new air to the band making their sound more complex. Also, Th O'Connell becomes part of Garden Of Delight, a faithful member as the following years would prove.

Garden Of Delight with their wonderful gothic rock will take you on a journey with "Sargonid Seal." Under Lovecraftian Skies and through ancient gates of wisdom you will lose yourself in their mystic soundscapes!


…and the "Silent Gate" opens unfolding its untold mysteries. Inspired keyboard melodies sound at times threatening; at other times ethereally harmonizing with the serene atmospheric guitar chords and Artaud's utterly descriptive voice. A gothic rock opus reaches its end and another one follows: "Shared Creation". The rhythm section lends volume to the song whereas the guitar work is stunning. It evokes a dreamy feeling in the air with Artaud's deep voice drowning in the chaotic chasm of a transparent world. Ritual drumming and pulsating bass lines open "The Seal." The floating, ethereal keyboard melodies and tranquil guitar chords accompany Artaud's almost recitative voice that turns to ecstatic singing at times enriching the overall mystic atmosphere.

The album flows into a slow composition, "Gods and Myths on Sargonid Seals." Repetitive guitar riffing paves the way for Artaud, who channels Carl McCoy at times with his vocals. "The Lost God" opens its wings as the piano melodies evoke a dark melancholic atmosphere. Harmonizing beautifully with the accompanying guitar chords and flirting in an intense way with Artaud's deeply descriptive voice they take you where there "is a field in the desert where Sumer tales dream." "Somniorum Interpretario" follows and it is a wonderful composition based mainly on the pulsating bass lines and some floating ethereal keyboard melodies. They accompany Artaud's tranquil interpretation, slowly reaching the nightmarish end with "Confessions of a Captured Occultist." Unfolding in front of the very eyes of the listener, lost and forgotten visions evoke a twisted dark feeling.

Garden Of Delight appears more mature with "Sargonid Seal" and with Adrian Hates being a part of the band they have nothing to fear. Proceed, O Faithful Ones!

"All the sons between the heavens use their seals to reach the stars."


Written on 10.05.2005 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."

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