Sarakt - Sarakt review

Band: Sarakt
Album: Sarakt
Release date: 2005

01. Velichestveni pobedi ot vremeto na Krum
02. Mojat dvorec sred planinite
03. Kraj Madara
04. Slavnata balkanska zemja

Sarakt is a Black Metal band from Bulgaria and their new album "Sarakt" is a really good surprise for me actually. In the true old school Black Metal and with a lot of Pagan touches, this album that comes from the East of Europe is really impressive, especially in reason of the excellent ambiances that we can find on this record. No doubt that we have something here…

Only four tracks but with an average of 10 mins by song, I suppose that you understand that we are in front of an old school Black Metal, something in the spirit of the precursors of the style that was Bathory and company. The album is really minimalist, the cover maybe looks "really easy" on a side but the medieval/pagan style is actually really good like the production, and then the sound is in the real spirit of Black Metal.

Actually the four songs of the album are damn effective I'm sorry the texts are all in Bulgarian then I cannot understand anything but the music is good. That's a pure old school classic Pagan Black Metal with heavy riffs and really dark and aggressive vocals and with some excellent dark ambiances that will give you shivers. At the end I'm sorry but all is just really effective and all the Black Metal fans who are always complaining about this trend of Symphonic Black should have a look on this kind of release that wont be a deception for them.

One more time I can't read Bulgarian especially when it's written in Cyrillic then I cannot talk about the lyrics that are in my opinion a really important part of Black Metal but musically it's top and I hope that you'll have the luck (it will maybe hard unfortunately) to find this album that deserves to be in your stereo if you like real Black Metal. One more time we have the proof that the eastern Black Metal scene is a great one and Bulgaria seems to be an really interesting Metal country… I'm waiting to see some more productions from there…

Written by Jeff | 28.06.2005


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