Redemption - The Fullness Of Time review


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Band: Redemption
Album: The Fullness Of Time
Release date: June 2005

01. Threads
02. Parker's Eyes
03. Scarred
04. Sapphire
05. The Fullness Of Time I: Rage
06. The Fullness Of Time II: Despair
07. The Fullness Of Time III: Release
08. The Fullness Of Time IV: Transcendence

Sometimes it's amazing to see how a single man can push the level of a band to its maximum. This is the case of Ray Alder, the famous singer of Fates Warning who agreed to sing on the 2nd album of the American Prog combo Redemption and who produces with the band one of the best releases of Prog Metal this year. Maybe you still don't know Redemption and their new album "The Fullness Of Time" but in that case follow my advice and please have a look at a real masterpiece…

"The Fullness Of Time" is a masterpiece really. We're already lucky this year with all the excellent productions of Prog Metal but for now I can say without any doubt that we're in front of the best Prog album. That's not so hard to understand actually, the musicians of Redemption all come from other Progressive Metal band but above all, they did the good thing when they asked to one of the best singer of the Metal scene, Ray Alder, to sing on this album. The result is incredible, a pure masterpiece…

The album is actually divided in two parts. The first one with the four songs that are all really fast, heavy and atmospheric but always beautiful, and the second part of the album with the song "The Fullness of Time" is divided in four parts. "The Fullness of Time" is a bit more complex, actually there is a link between all the four songs evidently but it's also a bit more progressive. Anyway the music of Redemption is an excellent Prog Metal, something really emotive because of its perfect melodies and lyrics and only the deaf cannot enjoy this kind of album. Believe me we have something great here, the production like the artwork, the booklet, etc are perfect. This album is a great one.

I have nothing to add to this review, "The Fullness Of Time" is for me and for now the best release of Prog Metal of the year. I don't know how this band will work since the guys also play in a lot of other bands but I hope Redemption will follow this road. This is a great band and they proved to me that they are able to produce an amazing album. "The Fullness Of Time" is a must, just buy it or die…

Written by Jeff | 12.07.2005



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23.10.2006 - 23:45
Account deleted
A very good progressive metal album. The band successfully managed to create an original sound. not only the musicians are brilliant, the album features the vocals of Ray Adler, and believe it or not Ray sounds different from his work in prog-metal legend Fates Warning.
i found this project by mistake, I'm GLAD i did, this work totally satisfies my proggish soul.:lol:
27.07.2007 - 02:25
Amazing! At first I only got the first song, then the whole album. Masterpiece
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19.09.2009 - 09:29
Sick album from the best progressive band in the world (tied up with symphony x)

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