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Band: Holy Dragons
Album: Wolves Of Odin
Release date: 2005

01. Dogs Of War
02. Valhalla
03. The Last Day Of Life
04. The Storm
05. The Light Of Fires
06. The Lord Of The Seas
07. Illusory Sabbath
08. Ragnarok
09. Wolves Of Odin
10. The Last Fight

A band that sings in Russian (or maybe in Kazak I'm sorry I'm not sure of it), that's not so common right? Well it's maybe the second time in my life that I listen to Metal with lyrics in a Slavic language but after some minutes it's actually not bad at all, especially if the band is not a bad one evidently. "Wolves Of Odin" is the 9th albums of the really productive Holy Dragons a combo from Kazakhstan specialized in Fantasy, Knights, Dragons and above all Heavy Metal.

Yeah yeah, one can't say that Holy Dragons doesn't avoid the pit of the Heavy Metal clichés. The lyrics talk about Fantasy, Dragons, Vikings legends etc, that's so common it's hard to find something really original on this album. Same thing for the music they use the basic structure of Heavy/Power Metal with fast tempos, guitars solos and very high vocals. But however it's not so bad, I mean that ok this is one of the winners of the most unoriginal releases of the year 2005 but at least, it's well done.

Let's talk about the good points then. First the musicians are good no doubt on this point, Holger Komarov is a good singer with a nice really high voice and yeah the vocals in Russian are surprising and plus it sounds good with Heavy Metal. Also Jorg Thunderson the guitarist is an amazing musician who knows how to play the guitar. His solos are really impressive and a lot of time it sounds like a "neo-classical" Music. The drummer is also good and all the songs of the album are a synonym of rhythm. This is a classic Heavy/Power Metal yes but it's more than correct musically talking. Only bad point however, the production is crappy and sometime it's hard to hear some sounds in reason of an average mixing.

Oki oki, it's not the perfection but Holy Dragons is a good band of Heavy Metal and we cannot blame the musicians of the band. Actually as you can understand the only problem of this album is its lack of originality, but if you don't mind and want a good album of Heavy Metal, you can count on "Wolves Of Odin", that is at least more than efficient.

Written by Jeff | 27.08.2005



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22.07.2007 - 03:48
Advice Troll
What can I say... I was actually curious to see how a band from Kazakhstan would sound like...

The Russian vocals surprised me a lot, since I'm not used to them. They sound very very weird to me and I myself would appear to be very weird if someone caught me listening to this...

I don't like these vocals and I'd prefer them if they were in English. This vocalist though is much better than the one they had in the beginning. His vocal abilities are great, but man... these vocals sound terrible. I don't have a problem with the Russian language, but this is awful... I just wish they sing in English... It's a shame they can't get much attention due to the language cause their music is very good. It's not original at all, but I could listen to it...

Dudes! Sing in English!
Bitch! Please

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