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Eyes Of Ligeia - What The Moon Brings review


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Band: Eyes Of Ligeia
Album: What The Moon Brings
Release date: 2004

01. Polaris
02. What The Moon Brings
03. The Thirteenth Atu
04. From Out Of The Abysses Between The Stars
05. To Call The Slow Sailing Stars By Name

Toby Chappell is the person behind the mysterious band bearing the poetic and tragic name Eyes of Ligeia, a band that is being mentioned many times in the underground circles of the doom metal scene. During 2004 the next attempt of the band, "What the Moon brings," saw the lunar light and the universe stand still for a moment. Yes, Eyes of Ligeia plays doom metal, the difficult part is to classify in which doom metal soundscapes this band lays since their sound is quite personal and obscure.

Nihilistic soundscapes tear up the listener's subconscious, guitar riffing and guitar chords rise from the abyss harmonizing beautifully the nocturnal, yet so devout, keyboard melodies. Abstract nightmares are brought to life in the darkness and eeriness of the night, a night that came to stay devouring one by one the dreams of the listener until he drowns in everlasting oblivion. The essence of the night and the eternal stars is very strong throughout the whole duration of "What the Moon Brings." It is being expressed through an unorthodox musical prism with the underground and nihilistic production strengthening this intense feeling as if you were lost in a forgotten constellation where grief and mourning have blossomed.

The vocals are extreme, grunting or howling. They echo from beyond adding another sense of mystery and obscurity to the overall atmosphere of the album when they become one with the melodies of an astral apocalypse: the melodies of "What the Moon Brings." Needless to say that the cover of the album with the scarlet bleeding moon and the crimson gloomy gothic tower give a taste to the listener of what will follow, an everlasting night "from out of the abysses between the stars."

"What The Moon Brings" is an album for a small part of the musical audience, harmonizing beautifully doom/death and funeral doom in an obscure and unique way, transporting the listener somewhere beyond human logic. If you love ultra heavy guitar riffing, haunting floating grunts and minimalist atmosphere-evoking keyboard melodies expressed through an uncommon underground musical prism then "What the Moon Brings" is an album for you. It's an album destined to haunt your sleepless nights under a distant falling sky.


Written on 06.09.2005 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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01.11.2006 - 11:55
Zombie, M.D.
Excellent release. The new Eyes of Ligeia album is much more impressive though, I think.
"I really screwed up this time." - Jeffery Dahmer

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